Sunday, September 29, 2013

My Unforgettable Travel Story in Korea

Since few years ago, I have been loving Korea so much and I'm dreaming of going to Korea one day.
My dream comes true, finally I could went to Korea TWICE in 2012 and 2013. *____*
God is so good for me 

Anyway, this is my summary post about my travel story in Korea, 
where I have been and what I have done there ^^
I also upload special video to reminiscing my beautiful and unforgettable moments in Korea 

Are you ready? ^____^

Seoul is a very nice place to visit, along with warm and helpful Korean people ^^ 
I made friends with some of Korean people and they are so nice to me! 
I have been shopping in Myeongdong (명동), visited Hello Kitty Cafe in Hongday (홍대) and 10 Corso Como which is located in Cheongdam-dong area.
I have been in Seoul only for 2 days and I haven't go to Namsan Seoul Tower and Teddy Bear Museum >w< (Really want to go there againnnn).

I also love being at Busan. Busan is a high-technology city and less-crowded than compared with Seoul. Busan is a nice place to study, you can see beaches here and try to eat in Jagalchi 자갈치 Fish Market (or even eat raw fresh fish at the market!). I also have been on Haeundae 해운대 Beach and I really like the breeze ^^

I love green tea! Boseong Green Tea Farm is famous with the largest green tea farm in Korea ^^ So peaceful!
Another destination was Juwolsan Mountain... I was going to have my very first paragliding! Actually Paragliding isn't that scary, because they have very professional trainer and they guarantee our safety :D
My first paragliding was so fun!

I have been Gwangyang for a while and visited Gwangyang Plum Village. I wish I've come earlier, because when I came to Gwangyang Plum Village, there's no Plum Flowers (Maehwa) anymore :(
You may see the Plum Flowers during March and April, I bet it will be very beautiful >w<

Jeju Island 
Jeju is the most beautiful island that I've been visited. Jeju has so many nice views and scenery. 
I joined a mini tour, and I visited Trick Art Museum, Songeup Folk Village, Haenyeo Museum, Sunrise Peak and Cooking Nanta

Beside of Paragliding, I also had my very first Yacht Experience in Mokpo ^^ Enjoying Mokpo's breeze on the yacht was great feeling!
I love Korea's clear weather and seasons :D

What I love very much about this city is their Royal Azalea Festival in Bonghwasan Mountain.
You can see clearly abundant of Azalea flowers at the Bonghwasan Mountain during April and May, on Spring Season.

Suncheon Bay
Suncheon Bay Eco Park is one of the beautiful and calming places in Korea, where you can see sunset at this Bay. Not forget to mention that I also visited Suncheon Garden Expo Korea 2013.
The event is so big and I saw many pretty flowers from different countries ^^ What a nice feeling!

I tried Rail Bike in Korea for the first time, in Yeosu. Riding Rail Bike in Yeosu made my mind and body refreshed ^^
What a nice place to visit, far away from pollution and provide nice sceneries :D

Please watch this video as well ^^

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Thanks for reading my short post ^^
Hope you enjoy this summary+video
Bye bye :D

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