Sunday, September 8, 2013

Moire Softlens [review]

Have you heard a softlens brand named Moire?
Well, I knew this brand from my friend few months ago ;)
I bought this softlens at optic store near my boarding house.

Is it good or not? Hmmm

Moire is produced under Schon Limited, UK; manufactured by Geflex Laboratories and made in Australia.
Price: IDR 80,000-100,000 (I totally forgot >_< hahaha)
Diameter: 14.5
Water content: 42%
Life span: 6 months

This one is produced in blister form

I chosen mine in brown, because I prefer natural color like brown, gray or black.
I'm rarely choose bright color such blue or purple :P hahaha

And this is how I look:
Indoor. My original post HERE

Daylight, still indoor
 What I like from this lens is its color, so natural and wearable for everyday!
It was pretty comfy for two first months, but dunno why my eyes can be easily tired after 10 hours when using this lens +____+

Anyway, I can't wait to set off my braces very soon ^^ 
Hopefully next year I can set off my braces ;) *pray*

What I love <3
+ Affordable
+ Natural and pretty colors
+ Wearable for everyday or special occasion
+ Quite comfy

What I hate </3
- My eyes can get tired easily in front of laptop's monitor
- My eyes can get tired easily after 10 hours

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Repurchase? Well, I think this softlens isn't suitable for me ^^ I'm gonna try other brand

What do you think about this lens? Have you tried this lens?
Thank you for reading ^^
PS: Do you like my new watermark? :3


  1. natural banget ya, warna coklatnya ampir ga kliatann :D
    bagus vee watermark barunya ;)

  2. Cakep juga ya shel... aq skrg lg pake new look, harganya sm n lumayan comfortable

    1. oiya? kpn2 aku cb new look deh cie ^^ hehe
      thx for stopping by~

  3. wah belum pernah denger brand ini ce, sayang ya bikin mata jadi gampang capek >_< tapi warnanya bagus, natural banget~ btw suka watermark barunyaaaa <3

    1. iyaa :( pdhl bulan2 awal nyaman lohh..
      Thanks laaa <3


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