Monday, November 11, 2013

Event: Shiseido Beauty Workshop by The Grand Palace

Hello my lovelies! Sorry for postponed post.. I was invited on Beauty Workshop presented by Shiseido on October 30th, 2013 :D This event was hosted by The Grand Palace Department Store, located in Grand City Mall Surabaya :) Thank you for the invitation, Nikki!

Well, basically in this event we would get makeup course from Japanese beauty expert, Ms. Yukiko Kanemune... or you may call her Kanemune Yukiko-san :D
The event was supposed to begin at 6 PM, but some of my fellow bloggers coincidentally came late.. so the event was bit delayed >_<

I got myself in one table with Sabrina and Lala :D
We snapped some photos before the event started hehehe..
You can see the collections of Shiseido's makeup range here~

The blushers

The eyeshadows

The Lip Palette

Eyebrows, mascara, cream eyeshadow and another lip palette

HUGE MAKEUP BOX of Shiseido *Q*

I'm drooling~ hahahaha

Some photos of us before the event started ^^
Sabrina & Lala

Sabrina & Me

Lala & Me~ :D

In order to prepare ourselves before apply our makeup with decorative makeup (in this workshop), we should put base makeup before.
I only used BB cream+loose powder+concealer on this photo.. Thank to them for making my face less horrible, LOL XD
errr... my uneven eyebags T_T

Without further ado, the event has started :)
Le'ts meet the beautiful Yukiko-san! ^^ Beauty Expert from Japan!

Yukiko-san & the MC
She doesn't speak Indonesian, so there was a interpreter accompanied her on the stage. (I forgot to take photo of the interpreter, LOL). Anyway.. If only I could talk much to her T___T My Japanese skill is decreasing rapidly since few years ago.. OTL

Before started, we wore weird bandana and apron that Shiseido Team has prepared for us XD
Please excuse my silly face ._.

So, we just need to listen and see her instructions, and follow her steps as complete (and fast) as possible.
To be honest, she was too fast and some of us couldn't follow her steps properly @__@
I spontaneously said "woah" when saw the model.. so tall :O 

We was in rush and got panic, because when she has done with mascara part, we still struggling with eyeshadow base part .___. So yeah, we're kinda left behind her steps..

Makeup result:
Nice gradation eye makeup... compared with mine that so errrr... .___.

Ahhhhh looks so weird =___= sorry I was in rush and didn't do my eye makeup well
(looking for excuse, OTL)

I even haven't apply my mascara yet.. only curled my lashes little bit.. x_x lol
My opinion towards Shiseido makeup... most of them aren't pigmented enough IMHO..
Even their lipsticks are too sheer and didn't pop up vibrantly..

The winner of this makeup competition is someone we don't know.. maybe she is The Grand Palace's customer.. well, though we don't win.. We still could share some joy and selcas XD lalalala~

Group photos! ^^
(Left to right): Lala - Zellyn - Me - Lina - Glory - Ce Mindy - Olin - Sabrina - Ce Shasha - Ce Shelley - Ce Yenyen

And good bag from Shiseido & The Grand Palace! :) Thank you!

I got makeup pouch (love this pouch!), some Shiseido samples and a mini lipstick..
I got rosy color lipstick and it's too dark in my preference .___. really not wearable for everyday..
This lipstick should be suitable for vampy look.. yah maybe someday I can use this lipstick..

Thank you The Grand Palace for inviting us! ^^
Thanks for reading guys! xx

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