Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Clean & Clear Essential Oil-Control Toner [review]

Hello everyone~ Today I'm gonna review a local brand namen Clean & Clear ;)
I bet you're already familiar with this brand! You can find their products easily everywhere.
This post gonna be a short review (pemalas mode on) XD

Alright, end of 2012, my dry skin changed into normal-oily skin due to this case
I have run out of my Skin Mal:gam (for dry skin), and only use Hadalabo for several months.
Because I was in tight budget, I decided to look for local and affordable toner to substitute my previous toner... I need a toner that suitable for my normal-oily skin .___.

Finally one day I grabbed this toner in Hypermart, 
while hoping this one is good enough to control sebum on my face...
Transparant plastic bottle, with twisted cap. Not so-special (I can't complain since its price is below IDR 20,000), but I like this simple packaging ^^ Because I can clearly see the content inside.

Clean & Clear Essentials Oil-Control Toner
Oil Free - Tidak menyumbat pori

Bekerja ke dalam pori membantu mencegah jerawat. Formula bebas minyak membantu membersihkan minyak dan kotoran. Salicylic Acid nya membantu mencegah jerawat dan komedo. Kulit terasa bersih dan halus

How to use?
Usapkan dengan kapas ke seluruh wajah dan leher

It has runny texture, and not sticky; with hint of blue color.

What I love <3
+ Works well for controlling my oil sebum
+ Keep me away from comedo
+ Cheap!
+ Doesn't break out my skin
+ Could be found easily

What I hate </3
- Contains alcohol
- Contains fragrance

Rating: 4/5
Repurchase? I think yes :p Till I meet my Holy Grail product. Anyway this is my 3rd bottle :3

What's your favorite toner? Please share with me ^^
Thank you for reading!

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