Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bendy Hair Curler Review & Demo

Hello~ lately i'm so obsessed to achieve heat-free curls XD
This is because i still save some money to buy any great quality flat iron or curling iron..  (T▽T)   I'm dying for Babyliss Curling/Flat Iron, but I can't stand for the price~ 
Many my fellow bloggers that suggest me to buy a nice flat/curling iron with price range IDR 450,000-750,000.. expensive but nice investment >,<
Okay la.. maybe next time.. lol..

Back to topic, this is Bendy Hair Curler for heat-free natural curls.
Have you heard this product?

I guess this product is made in Japan or China.. CMIIW..
1 pack: 6 pieces hair curlers 
Price: IDR 40,000 or $3-4 (if i'm not mistaken)

 So, technically you just need to follow these instructions. Simple enough, isn't it?

 I always use this before go to sleep. Start with 70% dry hair or, damp your hair with water-spray before.
My silly expression @_@ hahaha.. no makeup, just finished my night skincare routine.

1st attempt!
This time, I only used 4 pieces curlers. 

My bad, I'm supposed to tied the curlers higher and tighter >_<

..Next day..

ROFL at my sleepy face -,-
Troll failed~ (ノTДT)

Because this experiment was failed, I only want to show you my failed-curled hair.. lol..
quite blurry -.- sorry

2nd attempt! (next night) 

This time i used 6 pieces curlers, learned from last experience, I tied it tighter and higher.

Due to my wild behavior during my sleep time, the bendy hair curler loosen up without my permission (=,=) hahaha

My right side hair gave a quite nice result.. but my left side hair.. (T▽T)
Totally failed..

Because I didn't have enough time to save my bad hair day, I just styled my hairstyle to be like this!

No serious method, just interlocked my curly hair with my left side hair..
and this was the result (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

I like the result, looks so mature and fresh ^_^
This curly hair could hold out till evening

I even didn't apply an eyeliner, only used compact powder, eyebrow pencil and lip balm  ^‿^

My last verdict about this Bendy Hair Curler..
These curlers are made from sponge and easily torn, yet easy to use and didn't really annoy my face during my sleeping time.
I quite like the result.. :) My hair should be turned into a very nice curly hair, if only I could slept quietly that night -____- lol. 
I keep rolled my body to left and right side while sleeping *slapped

Overall, this curler can be an option if you want to achieve a natural curly hair without any heat! ^-^ and cost-less XD

What I love <3
+ Heat-free
+ Easy to use
+ Made from sponge (soft!)
+ Didn't really annoy my face during my sleep time

What I hate <3
- Loosen up easily =_= (if you can't sleep quietly lol)

Rating: 4/5

Repurchase? No~ ^^ I want to buy a flat/curling iron someday XD

What do you think about this review & demo?
Thanks for reading :D


  1. lihat foto kamu selalu berasa tua, wkwkkk imut sekali >.<" heheheee umur berapa kl boleh tau?

    1. hahaha thank youu >__<
      aku thn ni 22~ T^T hehehe

    2. pantesan, imut pisan wkwkk, tp kamu keliatan kayak pelajar SMA loh :) awet muda hahahaa

    3. thank you dear >,<
      your comment made my day.. lol.. xD

  2. Wow~ it curls your hair naturally^^
    But I agree with you..every products like this are loose up easily^^;

    1. yeah ^^
      hahaha, yes.. quite hard to sleep quietly >,< lol

  3. ga coba magic hair curler aja ce ? kayanya hasilnya lbh jadi drpd ini deh :p cm pake nya repot kudu digulung2 pake alatnya

    1. iya pengen coba jg yang itu >.< tapi blm sempet beli lg.. lg nabung soalnya..hehehe

  4. hi sis.. aku juga pake ini.. aku cuma bagi 2 belah rmbt ku, lalu di gulung deh..(cuma pake 2 bendy aja : kiri-Kanan)
    >u< cuma poto sebelah doank..

    Pagi nya uda curly ky sosis..
    punya ku sih tahan sampe besok malem smpe aku sampoan lagi :D tgntung rambut kaya nya sis..hehe..
    kaya gini poto nya

    maap kalo aneh editannya and too blur .. xD hehehe.. tp ak seneng pake alat ini.. yg males nya cuma pas gulung rambut nya.
    Karena rambut nya ad yg ga rata panjang pendek nya gitu.. :D

    1. lucuuu ^^ kalo gulungnya 2 gitu susah dipake tidur, ngganjel soalnya >,< hehe
      thanks for sharing yaa :D i'll try it next time ;)

  5. hehe.. yang aku punya nge gantung sis.ak pas mau tidur, di ikat pake karet bulu.. yg lembut itu.jd gk lepas2 sis..hahaha..antara ujung sm yg bolongannya itu..:D
    oiya sblm gulung, pake vitamin rambut dlu. aku pake dove yg overnight treatment, nah itu lembab.. jd nya bikin rambut mudah ngikut :D

    Anyway,nice blogs as always \^o^/

    1. hehe iya thanks sarannya ya ^^
      aku jg pake itu lho *w* hehe

      thanks dear :)

  6. Imut imut bener kamu vee kaya anak SMP hehehehe ^^

  7. vee gak percaya km udah 22th.awalnya aku kira kamu masih smp paling gak sma lah ternyata udah 22 abis kamu cute banget.envy youuuu

    1. hahaha.. Puji Tuhan kalo masih kliatan muda >w< lol
      thank you yaa~ :)

  8. sis, supaya ga cepet ilang kritingnya, sebelum pake alatnya, rambut dikasi foam dulu baru digelung, tinggal tidur, bsoknya copot trus disemprot hair spray, bisa tahan seharian kok, selain pake alat ini, sis juga bisa cobain pake kertas koran bekas yg digulung hehehe ^^

    1. hehehe, iya nih next time mau beli foam & hair spray ^^ belum beli soalnya >,< wkwk..
      i'll try other method next time ^^ <3 thank you~

  9. aku juga pake ce. ga kuat lama ce. wkwkwk. Kirain bisa ttp kriiting. Ternyata tidak TT

    1. kalo pake hair spray bisa lebih tahan lama kok ^^

  10. aku juga suka bikin keriting yang natural. aku gak punya curler ce.
    alternatifnya aku pake gulungan kertas sebagai penganti curlernya. aku diam kan 1 jam. pas ku buka langsung semprot hair spray RUDY HADISUWARNO. spray itu juga bikin keriting ku lebih alami namun tetep tahan lama.


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