Friday, August 10, 2012

Tony Moly Berry Lovely Girl Eye Primer [review]

Heyaaa.. another review from Tony Moly :)
I bought this one at Tony Moly store, on Myeongdong area, in Seoul.
See my last vacation haul ^-^

This is called Berry lovely Girl Eye Primer.
IMHO, the packaging is not as cute as other Tony Moly's products. lol :P
Let's take a look~ :D

The Tony Moly Berry Lovely Girl Eye Primer is an eye makeup primer designed to prevent eye makeup creasing and promote long-lasting, vivid eye makeup.
Glides on easily, leaving a silky smooth finish.
content: 4g

Price: 5,100 원

the applicator

as usual, let's do a mini test! =3
see? the colors pop out evenly
(PS: sorry for discoloration at 2nd row, the color was disrupted by my dirty finger -.-")

clearer swatch. See the difference? :D

Overall, i'm quite satisfied with this eye primer. This eye primer also has great staying power and doesn't fade easily :)

What I love <3
+ Inexpensive (₩ 5,100 or around $4,5)
+ Makes the colors pop out well
+ Good staying power (PS: my eyelid is not oily)

What I hate </3
- The packaging is less cute :P lol

Rating: 4/5

Repurchase? Maybe ^^ if I'm not tempted with other eye primer XD bwahahaha

Have you tried this eye primer?
As usual, thanks for reading :*
Until next time ^^


  1. Nice review ce ^^ aku belum pernah nyobain ini, gara2 mbaca review ini jadi tertarik kapan2 aku mau nyoba beli deh hehe

  2. waah muraaah juga shel *-* jangan sampai tergodaa.. ><

    1. tp kalo dijual di indo mungkin 70rb an kali ya XD hahaha

  3. Jadi pengennn.. huaa cici lempar sini dongg hihihihii

    1. hahahaha xD abis ni kan km k jkt ta, bs nyoba2 lgs di counter tony moly hihi

  4. Wow! This one is pretty nice! It makes the color pop!

  5. aku bongkar2 blognya , waktu di korea cece banyak beli produk.. hhihihi
    kayaknya banyak budget buat shopping make up ya ce?


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