Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lioele Aroma Soft Peeling Gel [review]

Hello lovelies~ Now I present to you.. another great product from Lioele ;)
This was product that I bought from Lioele Makeup Class last July.
Interested? ^^ 
It's called Aroma Soft Peeling Gel, comes with pink tube with flip flop cap :)
Actually I wasn't intended to buy any peeling product, since I have tried my Innisfree Wine Peeling Jelly Softener and satisfied with it. But, finally I bought this baby.. because I got IDR 50,000 voucher from Lioele class and I didn't want to discard it :P haha.
I could say that this product was attracted me most that at the moment ◕‿◕

This product controls dead cell and impurities of skin effectively by including natural cellulous which is organic peeling substance. It helps to speed up the skin turnover cycle to make your skin clean and healthy and also by including Vitamin A and E, it makes your skin soft.

Neutralizes odors and freshens
Adjustable long last air freshener
Biodegradable made with 97% natural ingredients

content: 120ml.
Price: IDR 130,000 or around $14

simple and attractive package.

I feel curious about it's ingredients, since there's no English ingredients list on the package, I decided to search it by myself.. but couldn't found it everywhere.. =_= hmmm..
Surely they should put ingredients list in English on the package next time >,<

let's try it, shall we? :)

the texture is creamy with soft micro-beads peeling gel, and no artificial coloring.

As you can see, the peeling gel works really well for exfoliating my skin (^▽^) 
I love this product! Gentle on my skin, cleanse my dead cell nicely and didn't cause me any irritation ;)
I tried out this product for my brother's rough skin and he loves it as well :D
Unfortunately for you whose a sensitive skin, you may beware with this product, due to its fragrance property. For me, the fragrance is not too strong, yet quite soft and pleasant :)

What I love <3
+ Works well to exfoliate dead cell
+ Affordable
+ Pleasant fragrance
+ Doesn't cause any irritation

What I hate </3
- There's no ingredients list in English >.<

Rating: 4.5 
(honestly I wanna give 5 points, but since I didn't know the ingredients, I only could give 4.5 points)

Repurchase? Yes ^^

What do you think? ;)
Thanks for reading ^^

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  1. Salah satu kejelekan bangsa Korea... narsis bener sama bahasa dewa mereka :-D gak mau ngasih tulisan inggris atau huruf latin :-D

    1. huahaha tp banyak jg kok yg ngasih tulisan inggrisnya ato latinnya ^^
      tp kdg2 ada yg ga dikasih jg -.-a

  2. Wahahaha for me the one and only is still CURE <3
    Kulitku superrrr sensi sih vee. Mungkin kalo maen ke forum korea ada yg mo translatein? Dulu pas aku heboh maenan LJ, pada sukarela translatein lirik dll ehehehe

    1. huah cure mahal sih >.< tidak sanggup saia haha
      iya coba deh kpn2 :3 hehe

  3. efektif mana ama wine peeling?? bagus mana??

    1. efektif ini sih menurutku ^^ tp wine peeling bagus jg kok

  4. packaging Lioele memang bagus2 ya, girly bgt dan ga kalah sm etude >.<

  5. I have heard great things about this peeling gel...for the most part I really enjoy Lioele products!

  6. Tdinya aku jg mau peeling ini, tp aku temuin produk yg bagus lho, dr Prancis... berbentuk shower cair, harganya 150rb...
    850ml... WOW bgt kan sis...
    Jd gak jd beli yg Lioele deh :D

  7. Lioele aroma sama inisfree wine jelly lebih oke yang mana nih say?
    Masih cupu, baru mau cobain peeling gel nih, biasanya pake scrub..
    TIA.. :)

    1. klo performance nya sih masih lbh oke lioele tp dua2nya aku suka sih ^_^ wanginya innisfree lbh enak hehe

  8. Omg this is awesome peeling O_o I never use lioele products xD

  9. duhhh... ingredients nya pake bahasa yg ngak bisa ku deteksi.
    Aman kah itu ce ?


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