Saturday, August 4, 2012

Baviphat Juicy Mask Sheet Pomegranate [review]

Okayyyy... have you heard this kind of mask sheet from baviphat? It comes with other various (you can google it), this time i tried Pomegranate :)
I have bought this Juicy Mask Sheet long time ago, in early 2011 =w=
i found this one in my mask sheet collection and I told myself to finish up this mask sheet as soon as possible before its gonna expiry!

with lifting & bright function

I didn't understand anything.. all written in Hangeul.. =_=
I can read them but didn't understand because I'm still newbie in learning Korean. lol

Baviphat Pomegranate Juicy Mask Sheet

Brighten and tighten skin like pomegranates! Pomegranate extracts provide resilience to dull and lifeless skin, revealing bright and gorgeous skin. *Pomegranates are made of sugars and organic acids, with tannin in the peel and natural plant estrogen in the fruit, that can leave skin bright and resilient.

Directions for use
1. After washing face, apply skin toner. 
2. Take mask out of its packaging then unfold. Gently press against face with fingertips to fully attach on face. 
3. Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes to calm skin, and remove mask. 
4. Gently pat any remaining solution for absorption.

I don't know it's already expired or not x__x 
because the production date is around July 2010.
Yeah, just give it try..
Hopefully it won't brings any disaster for my skin..
the mask sheet is not really fit with my face

Overall, this mask sheet is totally not my favorite.. I hate that mask sheet's artificial fragrance and I didn't see any improvement on my face after used this mask sheet.. -_- I remember that i had tried Juicy Mask Sheet in Peach, and the scent is quite good.. not as bad as artificial fragrance in this mask sheet.. (._. )
Just feel grateful that this mask didn't cause any pimple on my face.. fiuhh..

What I love <3
+ Cute Packaging
+ Comes with many various of mask sheet

What I hate </3
- Didn't do any improvement for my skin
- Artificial fragrance

Rating: 1.5/5

Repurchase? No

 Have you tried this mask sheet?
Is it works for you?
thanks for reading ^^


  1. aku pernah pakai yang lemon dan strawberry~ biasa aja sih menurutku,lebih suka pakai MBD :p

  2. aku udah coba yang strawberry sama greentea.
    wanginya enak banget kok kayak jus stroberi gitu >.<
    coba di cek bagian bawah sachet-nya ci :) biasanya ada expired-nya :)

    1. nah itu dia jgn2 udh expired >_<
      tp di packagingnya ngga ada tgl expirednya..cuma ada production date @_@ lol

  3. menang di packagingnya doank ya,


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