Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Innisfree Canola Honey Hand Butter [review]

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Today I would like to share about this hand butter from Innisfree..
It's Canola Honey Hand Butter..
Maybe you already familiar with Body Butter.. But, Hand Butter?
Hmm.. let's see ^^

tester size: 15 ml

Couple months ago I got trial kit from Innisfree, contains canola honey hand butter, cream, and serum.. ^^,

This is the fullsize of canola honey hand butter in 50ml :)

So this is it.. 
the sealed cap

the texture is lil bit buttery and sticky.. It's smell really like honey!
I feel like apply 'real' honey on my hands *___*
However, this sample size is handy for travelling, i do not feel worry to put this one into my purse because the cap is quite secure.

What I love <3
+ Quite moisturizing my hands
+ Gives nutrition for my hands
+ Easy to carry

What I hate </3
- Sometimes it leaves 'sticky feeling' on my palm of hands (do not use this outside of AC room)
- Sticky
- Not really easy to absorb
- The scent of honey is 'too much' (i prefer softer scents)

Rating: 2.5/5

Purchase the fullsize? I think no ^^,

Have you tried this Canola Honey series? :)
Thanks for reading <3


  1. bau madu banget yak??? *-* never tried this line, soalnya denger kata madu aja udah gimana gitu,, tooo sweet.. kkk..

    1. iya maduuu banget >_< beneran kayak ngoles madu di tanganku... hahaha

  2. wangi madu ya?? aku suka maduuu.. tapi dari dulu sering lupa pake hand lotion gitu, hehehe..

    1. iya wangi madu ci.. wah kalo suka sama madu brarti mesti cobain ini ^^ siapa tau cocok ;) hehe

  3. kalo buat kulit tangan kering gitu bisa yah ?
    lengket gak tuh ?

    1. bisa :) agak lengket jd lbh baik dipake nya di ruangan ber AC biar cepet kering

  4. good view. i have really dry hand. i would try other product because don;t like the sticky feeling hihihi...tq :)

  5. aku pernah punya ini,aku suka baunya bau madu,setelah pake ini jadi halus tangan aku


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