Thursday, July 5, 2012

Cussons Baby Soft & Smooth Cream [review]

This is my current favorite hand cream, 
Soft & Smooth Cream from Cussons Baby..
Mine is in Almond & Rose Oil..
Maybe I am not the only one who use this cream ^^
I usually use this cream for my hand, elbow, knee, heel, and feet =)
What I love most from this product is.. the BABY SCENT ^^
really makes me relax :) and so moisturizing~

descriptions: An easily absorbing formula which leaves your baby's skin soft, smooth, supple & moisturized. With Almond oil will nourishes & moisture skin. With Rose Oil will give aromatic calming.

the minus is.. this product contains paraben.. But i think it doesn't really matter..
as long as not exceed the recommended dosage..

it contains 50g.. and the price is around $1-2 or 10,000-20,000 rupiahs
(i forgot the exact price)

has creamy texture and easily absorbed into my skin =)

What I love <3
+ So moisturizing
+ Could be used for hand, elbow, knee, heel and feet
+ Cheap
+ Has aromatic calming scent
+ Could be easily found in the drugstore
+ Easy to carry

What I hate </3
- Not really hygienic because I have to use my fingers to take the cream

Rating: 4/5

Repurchase? Yeah ^0^

What do you think about this cream?
Have you tried this Cussons Baby Soft & Smooth Cream? ^^


  1. hi, first time visit your blog and already read some review. nice ^^
    by the way regarding cream ini, aku juga pake tapi yg warna biru dan aku hentiin pemakaiannya krn bikin kulitku bintik2 merah gitu soalnya kulitku kyknya emg rada sensitif deh. uda coba berbagai lotion, dr vaseline, citra, body shop, sampe l'occitane juga tetep ga cocok. ada saran? :)

  2. sepertinya creamy banget..
    Di samarinda aku belum pernah liat di minimarket atau di mall.
    ternyata ada di drugstore ya? ok deh ntar cus nyari. thankiu review nya say


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