Friday, February 10, 2012

Diary of my braces (part 1) : Finally.. Got my braces..

Today (February, 10th 2012) is the one of my most important day of my life..
Finally, after many years struggling with my uneven teeth.. I GOT MY BRACES TODAY (۳˚Д˚)۳
I spent 1,5 hours in dentist to put on braces at my uneven teeth..

No, no.. I didn't do this for fun.. I used this thing because I need it >,<
I have problem with take pictures with slight smile.. i want to smile wider and show my teeth (like others T.T)

Okay, here we go..

no, this is not me =w= just took random pictures from google.. LOL
First of all, the dentist put weird tool to hold my lips and force my mouth to open up (and when I looked at my reflection on my pocket mirror, my response is like this.. "OMG.. i'm a monster! >,< OTL")

next, the dentist cleaned up my teeth first (with her tools, i have no idea what they are for), gave some "glue" at my teeth, set the braces and put the "wire" on the braces.. I don't really know what's going on because i'm quite sleepy *slap* ~.~
Overall, my dentist did it pretty well.. and I choose a clear rubber for my braces accessories (maybe next time I will replace it and pick flower pink rubber or baby blue rubber XD )

My quite shock with the result of the tiny "surgery".. My teeth looks so different and I feel so weird and awkward x____x
But this is my decision to use the braces.. I HAVE TO use this stuff for at least 1,5 years..

No, this is not me again -.- I'm still to shy to post my teeth photos here ;~;
The dentist told me to visit her once every month to check-up. She said after my teeth is ready for tooth extraction, she will take four teeth of mine! (˘̩̩̩⌣˘̩̩̩ ) She need to does it because my teeth is really uneven.. oh well.. I only can obey her instruction.. * scratch my head*

My 1st dinner experience after set braces... really terrible..
I chosen a wrong menu.. T.T... I chosen noddle!!
Oh my.. I feel really uncomfortable and suffering because this braces.. the leftover of the noodles, vegetable, and meat slipped into my braces... A LOT! (I bet will not want to see my teeth when I was eating.. OTL..)
Today's lesson is.. just eat porridge.. no matter what.. TT^TT

Even this braces is really annoying me and makes me feel uncomfortable (and it will create sprues on my mouth x_X) I really need it to align my uneven teeth.. I heard that there is invisible braces called Invisalign, but the invisalign is too pricey.. So i choose regular braces..

I hope my teeth will be aligned PRETTY SOON and be even..
Thanks to my dentist :) I will be more patient about this NEW teeth.. >,<

Do you have any experience with braces?
Please share it with me ^^ I will really appreciate it.. Because I'm still beginner XD
Thank you~~ (◦'⌣'◦)

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  1. LOL, my sister is use a braces too now XD XD, she can eat anything LOL Kata dia sakitnya awal doank, abis itu makan dia makin liar malah XD

  2. @comi: oyaaaaa? O.o susah makan soalnya mkanannya nyelip semua di behel TT____TT wkwk.. smoga nanti nafsu makan ku jd liar.. soalnya aku udh kurus.. hehe

  3. Hello! I totally agree, the stuff that you eat slips into your braces. it's really annoying >.< but I use toothpick to get them. teehee~ my 1st week wearing braces was a total nightmare *_* i didn't get to eat anything except for oatmeal T___T but that was 2 years ago. this May, I think I'm getting my braces :) I hope you'll be satisfied with the results ^^ - Mying

    1. hello! yes indeed.. totally annoying T___T i have to bring toothpicks wherever I go now..
      I only eat porridge in my 1st week.. T__T
      oh you will set off your braces? wow.. hope you'll satisfy with your teeth too ^^
      thanks for visiting my blog :)


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