Monday, February 27, 2012

Biore Cleansing Oil Sheet [review]

Alright, today i want to share a review about this product ^^
This is Biore Cleansing Oil Sheet
there are 10 sheets in one package
It claims "only with one wipe" will remove any make up, even waterproof mascara.
sorry i forgot to rotate it before left a watermark T,T
quite hygienic, wet wipes for make up! :)

Let's try it ^^

Test for my mascara! :) I used Etude House Proof 10 Henna Fix Mascara this time

The result of the tissue..

The directions is written in Indonesian :) let me know if you want me to translate it ^^
(although my English skill isn't as good as others >_< I'll do my best)

I like the fact that this product is alcohol-free! But still contains paraben.. ._.
(but it's ok as long as the dosage of the paraben still in tolerable amount)

This cleansing oil sheet is produced by KAO corporation Japan, but imported by PT. Kao Indonesia and distributed in Indonesia. I have no idea when PT.Kao will produce this item by themselves.. If PT. Kao Indonesia produce it by themselves, of course the price will be cheaper! :P
(FYI: I bought this few months ago for $1.4 or around IDR 15,000)

What I love <3
+ can remove make up & dirt on my face easily
+ alcohol-free
+ very practical
+ quite cheap
+ easy to carry
+ it doesn't sting my eyes
+ it doesn't makes my face become oily

What I hate </3
- the fact is, i need some wipes (not only once) to remove my mascara

RATING: 4.1/5

Re-purchase? YES :)

Though I barely use a Cleansing Tissue.. I think i need the product like this Biore Cleansing Oil Sheet when I'm lazy to go to bathroom and cleanse my makeup.. LOL.. XD

thanks for reading ^,^ hope this review is informative enough ;) *wink*


  1. I love this too, but this make my eyes area feel dry -_-"

  2. really?? :O i didn't really notice about it.. because i barely use it XD hehe.. next time i'll pay more attention for my eyes area :D

  3. haii vee^^
    just want to give a little advice, if u want clean ur eye just use baby oil or soft care wipes (mitu)..
    it really work and very soft to all skin :)
    *if u have an oily skin,after use baby oil wipes again with toner or soft care wipes

    1. hi zena... thank youu for your advice ^^
      thanks for visiting :D :D

    2. oiy,nice to know you vee :D


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