Saturday, February 11, 2012

Garnier Light Whiten & Protect Moisturizing Cream [review]

I have been used this product for a month :)
this is my second purchase for this product
It's called GARNIER Light Whiten & Protect Moisturizing Cream
I think the 20ml tube is the new version of the 40ml bottle one..
(Please Correct Me If I'm Wrong XD)
Last year I bought this product and I like it. It has SPF 15 and has nice lemon scent.

left: the old one 40ml (empty bottle) , right: the new one 20ml (currently using this moisturizer)

smooth texture.. nice smell.. love it!
This is the explanation behind the tube:

Is Garnier Light Whiten & protect moisturizing cream made for me?
With time & external aggressions such as UV exposure, your skin tone becomes dull, uneven, spots appear and skin loses its original radiance. Thanks to its formula enriched with natural active ingredients. Garnier Light Whiten & protect moisturizing cream helps you recover fairer & more even skin

How do I use it?
-Apply daily on perfectly cleansed skin. It is an excellent base for make up
-Gently massage into the skin, moving from the centre of your face outwards, and from the base of your neck to the top.

Do not apply to the delicate eye contour area or on irritated skin.

I usually use this garnier for everyday moisturizer and for make up base :)
It does work pretty well for make up base, and I notice that my face is spot-less after used this product.
But basically I didn't feel any significant difference with my skin tone..  I think my skin is fairer after used Garnier, but doesn't give significant result.. (or i need to be more patient XD)
I think Garnier is a nice product, it doesn't give white effect instantly, but slowly but sure.. It gives you fairer and healthy skin ^^

What I love <3
• It's affordable (cheap! ^^ around $3)
• Easy to get
• Nice lemon scent
• Not sticky
• Nice for make up base
• Doesn't make my skin irritate

What I hate </3
• It's only has SPF15
• Doesn't has UVA and UVB protection




  1. I always love garnier products, because the result is always goof. Have you tried the night cream?

  2. @shasha: do you mean is good? XD LOL
    no, i haven't :D have you try it?


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