Sunday, February 19, 2012

Etude House Bling Bling Eye Stick [review]

Etude House againnn~ :D
Bling Bling Eye Stick is a kind of eyeshadow in stick form..
I usually use this for brighten my under eye ^^

From the web:

Brighten your eyes with Bling Bling Eye Stick!  Long lasting adhesiveness to highlight your soft eyes!
Available in 6 celestial colors:
1 Shooting Star
2 Butterfly Star
3 Pink Supernova
4 Purple Aurora
5 Silver Milky Way
6 Great Bear Star
Net Wt. 1.4g

Mine is no 05 in silver milky way ^^ the color is so pretty..!
You can use this one for eyeshadow, under eye and waterline.. :))
swatch on my hand
when I applied it at my undereye.. sorry for bad quality photo >w<

What I love <3
+ It brighten my waterline nicely
+ pretty color
+ pretty shimmer
+ long lasting
+ pigmented

What I hate </3
- Not any :D

RATING: 4.5/5

Re-purchase? Yes ^^ maybe in other colors :D

Thanks for reading :3


  1. aduh lucu banget siiihhh, pengen cubit kamu deh!!

  2. huah masa iya? >.< pdhl lbh lucu kamu, comi XD wkwk

  3. so cute sista...... >.<....jd pingin beliii

  4. say, yang pink nya bagus gak? pernah coba gak? ^^

  5. cc kalo ini berarti ngga bisa buat eyeshadow ya ? tadinya ak kira ini buat eyeshadow hehe xD


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