Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine’s Day Make Up Tutorial

Helloooooo ^,^ 
Valentine’s Day is coming :D
are you ready for that day?
For this valentine's day, I created a tutorial for you girls ^^
I'm not a professional, also not a make up artist but I want to share this look for you ^^
Hope my tutorial is clear enough.. LOL XD

OK, let's get started! ^-^

1. Start with clean face
LOL.. sorry for my tired face T,T

2. Apply BB cream all over my face

3. Blend it with brush (I used sigma F80) 

 4. Conceal dark circle and acne scars
My weird smile =w= BTW, I didn't apply much concealer to concealed my dark circle because i'm in rush XD 
5. For this step, follow this instructions:
(1) apply eye primer to make eyeshadow last longer & more vibrant
(2) apply pink eyeshadow all over eye lid, give some "touch" 
at tear duct (with light blue color),
and then make a crease with dark brown
(3) apply eyeliner, curl eyelash and apply mascara ^^

 6. last, apply blush on and lipstick
Finish ^o^
my lips looks so slim -.-

NB: I didn't use any eyebrow product because i already have thick eyebrow XD i don't want make my eyebrow becomes like Shinchan's eyebrow x_x
If you want, you can dab your tear duct with silver/white eyeliner/eyeshadow ;)
at the end, I dabbed my tear duct with silver eyeshadow stick to make it more natural ^^

The tools:
1. MakeupShow Mini kabuki brush
2. Eye shadow brush (without brand)
3. Sigma Blending Brush E25
4. Sigma Flat top brush F80

The products:
1. Nyx Powder Blush - pinched
2. Palgantong Theatrical Loose Powder
3. SilkyGirl duo eyeshadow - cool chic
4. Oriflame Lipmania - Pink Kiss
5. NYX runway collection - Bohemian Rhapsody
6. Etude House Proof 10 Henna Fix Mascara - long lash
7. Etude House Eye Primer
8. Etude House Precious Mineral BB cream #02
9. Etude House Surprise Stick Concealer #01
10. Etude House Bling Bling Eyestick - silver
11. Brushes
Oh, I forgot to include my eyeliner!! O_O for this look, I use my NYX felt tip liner and Skinfood Apple Liquid Liner~ I will make these products review soon :D 
Do you want to get flat top brush F80? You can order it here~ ​(っˆヮˆ)っ♥ SIGMA BEAUTY ♥

Flat Top brush (F80) is one of the bestseller in sigma.. and my Holy Grail brush~! \(´▽`)/
hope you enjoy this simple tutorial~ and don't forget to leave a comment ~(˘▾˘~) ~(˘▾˘)~ (~˘▾˘)~


  1. Nice tutorial :)
    You look so cute ^^

  2. @shasha: thank youuu ^^
    thank you jg udh main2 ke blog ku XD

  3. If you feel like your lips get hidden, try to show a little teeth when you smile so that we can see the lipstick (I do that for my own pictures because I have super thin lips also ><") You can try biting the inside edge of your lips too (I do that for just about every pic on my blog XD)

    1. i have no confidence to show my teeth because my teeth is uneven T.T i'm using braces right now :) hehe..
      thank youuu for your advice ^o^ I'll try it.. hehehe ;)


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