Thursday, February 16, 2012

Palgantong Theatrical Powder [review]

Here is it.. My current loose powder is Palgantong Theatrical Powder :)
it only contains 10g.. but because I only use loose powder after I apply my BB cream, 
I rarely use this one XD
My friend said she needs compact powder and loose powder everyday to prevent her face from oily skin..
In my heart, I only can grateful because I never get experience with oily skin.. >,<
(though I live in a super HOT country)

The packaging is quite small.. and only contains 10g..
I think palgantong is made in korea but it written in japanese @_@ ehh?

I'm sorry for my ugly puff XD please ignore it~

In my opinion this loose powder is quite good.. Has nice result.. Smooth finish.. But the packaging is too small   >,< karena tempatnya kecil dan lubang2 untuk mengeluarin powdernya itu juga kecil, butuh waktu agak lama agar wajahku tercover semuanya >_<

What I love <3
+ Smooth
+ Nice result
+ Didn't irritate my skin

What I hate </3
- small size of packaging

Rating: 4/5

RE-PURCHASE? probably :) I want to buy other products instead, which is more larger..hehe..

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