Thursday, February 16, 2012

Etude House Vita Foam Mini [review]

Hello2 (^.^)/ after struggling with my thesis, I allocate few minutes to write review again :3
this is my current cleanser :D
From etude house.. it's Vita Foam Mini (Bite Me)

Vita Foam Mini have 5 various of cleanser =
Be Pretty = Vitamin A
Genius You = Vitamin C
Let's Play = Vitamin B3
Good Night = Vitamin B5
Bite Me = Vitamin E

Mine is vitamin E :D with orange smell~ 
 I have used this cleanser for several months
it contains 60ml

What I love <3
+ contains vitamin E
+ Nice orange smell
+ smooth texture
+ didn't irritate my skin

What I hate </3
- Sting my eyes! when I accidentally wash my face and it foams touch my eyes T.T

Rating: 4.2/5

RE-PURCHASE? Yes. But unfortunately I heard etude will discontine this item :'(

What's your current cleanser? ^^

Thanks for reading ^__^


  1. ih botolnya lucuuuu :D
    skarang ini sih aku pake krazie aloe :D

  2. iya lucu ^^ baunya jg enak, seger gt :3
    krazie aloe itu punya nya brand apa? :D hehehe

  3. Gambar di tengah-tengah tubnya itu lucu banget! <3 Emang Korea jago bikin yang kemasannya lucu-lucu. :P


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