Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lioele Dollish Lipstick [review]

This time I want to share a review about this lipstick from Lioele ;)
They have 10 colors for Dollish Lipstick

The packaging is quite cute ^^

Mine is number 06 in Nudy Pink
 I'm sorry if you can't catch the color of the lipstick T.T the lighting of my room is quite bad..
the packaging has doff surface

swatch on my lips
I tried this lipstick because I searched for lipstick nude in pink. This lipstick is nice for special occasion :) 
But not an wearable color for everyday, because your face will look so pale.

What I love <3
+Matte finish
+Cute Packaging
+Quite affordable (around $10-12 if you buy it online)
+Nice pigmented color

What I hate </3
-Makes my lips dry (you need apply lip balm first)
-staying power is so-so

RATING: 4.2/5

RE-PURCHASE? Maybe ^^ but in different color =)

Have you tried this dollish lipstick? ^^


  1. Ce tanya dong. Bikin bibir kring berarti ini matte kan? Belinya di mana Ce? Minta link olshopnya dong :D Thankies :3

    1. iya ini matte ^^
      aku beli di online shop di FB: D'Beauty Core =D

  2. warnanya cocok kok shel buat km. apalagi km putih, jd lebih natural kayak warna bibir asli ^^
    tp emang lisptick warna seperti ini kurang cocok untuk dipakai sehari-hari.. jd pengen cobain lipstick lioele juga.. lipstick korea ak blm pernah coba wkakakaa *ketinggalan banget yaa :v


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