Tuesday, March 4, 2014

February Favorites! (Yes, I'm back on track!)

Hellowwwww everyone! ^___^ Happy to announce to all of you that I will update monthly favorites again start from this month! I feel guilty due to abandon this category since few months ago and I decide to share to you my monthly favorites again ;) Is good or not?

Okayyy let's started! ^__^

These are my February Favorites.. Jeng jeng jeng!
Let's divide them into 3 sections! 


1. Makeup Favorites
1. D'eyeko Cherrybelle Youth Lashes ~ Love is You | Full Review
Yes, I love natural false lashes! This D'eyeko lashes is very suitable for everyday basis or special occassion ^_^  Going to date with sweet and lovely makeup? I recommend you to try it!

2. Shu Uemura Heart-full Pink Parallel Palette | Full Review
Sweet and pretty pink palette with many colors of eyeshadow. The color-payoff is great and the packaging is irresistably adorable! This palette is gonna be in everyone's wishlist ^_^

3. Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB SPF20 | Full Review
My Holy Grail BB cream so far! Love the texture, coverage and everything!


2. Skin Care Favorites
4. OST Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum | Full Review
I love this serum! It works well for my skin and do wonders with my complexion!

5. Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm | Full Review (soon)
My current favorite drugstore lip balm so far. Easy to be found in drugstore/department store :)

6. Verile Acne Gel | Full Review 
My weapon to diminish angry acnes!


3. Body Care Favorites
7. Pasjel Everbright Blue | Full Review
Brightens and whitens dull skin, slowly but sure!

8. Marina Natural 24h Moisturizing Rich Natural
Local product that has nice effect for body skin. Totally affordable and worth to try :)


Sooo...What's your February Favorites? 
Please comment down below (or your blog post url), so I can read yours as well ^___^
Thanks for reading everyone! (^▽^) 


  1. aaaa, envy abis ama shu uemura pallettenya!!! wayyyyy out of my budget :"""""D

    see my version of february's fav on my IG, @tiffani_cencen :DDD


  2. aku juga suka banget sama pasjel shel.. punyaku uda mau habis >_< boros banget yaa.. hahaha
    shu nya bikin ngiler!! T_T

    1. oiyaa? cepet bgt wie XD
      *sodorin ember* wkwk

    2. oiyaa? cepet bgt wie XD
      *sodorin ember* wkwk

  3. Wah si nivea lip balm itu jg temen setiaku dari jaman kuliah hahaha. Cool products! Aku jd pengen cobain pasjel juga nih hiihi. Thanks for share ya dear

    Mind to follback? Sweetlikeapeach.blogspot.com

    1. iyaaa nivea ini banyak macemnya dah gampang ditemuin XD
      you're welcome ^^ thanks for stopping by! <3

  4. Aduh ngiler banget itu sama pasjel tapi masi gak rela bayarnya. HAHAHAHA


    1. XD wkwk.. iya harganya mihil..
      tapi klo produknya oke ya worth it lah~ ^_^


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