Tuesday, March 25, 2014

2NE1 "Happy" Insipred Makeup Collaboration & Tutorial!

안녕하세요 여러분! ^^ Hello everyone~
Have you watched one of the latest MVs of 2NE1 titled "HAPPY"?
I'm here happily announce that I just have another makeup collaboration with my lovely blogger friends! 
Are you ready to see the result? ^____^

2NE1 Happy Makeup Collaboration:
- Rini as CL
- Lala as Park Bom
- Xiao Vee as Dara
- Via as Minzy


These are some screen caps of the MV:

Actually Dara has two different makeup looks for this MV, but I prefer the second look ^^ so I decided to recreate her second look :D

Dara's makeup isn't as bold as CL's makeup, it's quite simple and still natural with her nude lipstick ^_^

 Let's start!
click to enlarge the image

Eye makeup's detail:

For the eye makeup, I used Victoria's Secret Deluxe Palette and false lashes from Etude House :)

Selfie Time! ^^

Product that I used:
COLLECTION Ultimate Fix Foundation Concealer Powder 3-in-1
COLLECTION Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Powder
Fusion Beauty Ultraflesh Shinebox

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil #milk
Etude House Baby Volume Clear Line False Lashes

BH Cosmetics 32 Color Palette

Please check my girls' makeup result as well ^___^

What do you think? ^.^
Thank you for reading! 

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  1. Cantik bgtt!! hihihi. Nice makeup collab^^ pgn deh ikut yg ala2 korea, tp apa daya muka nya indonesia tulen :")

    1. thank youu ^^ <3
      hehe.. coba bikin collab dengan tema yg lain dear ^^

  2. Cantik…biru bkin seger… suka…

  3. Cantik Veee, suka banget lihat nude lipsnya. Aku sampe sekarang belum punya lippen nude gitu hihihi. Kelihatan seksi pake lippen nude gitu ^_^

    1. aku jg ga punya lippen nude ce XD ini aja untung punya lip palette hihi
      makasihh ce ♥

  4. Aihh.. cantikk smuaaa ♥♥♥
    Nice collab .(^3^)

  5. aku juga suka look Dara yang ini, Vee, cantik bgt dia kyaaa...
    dan km jg mirip hasilnya ^^

  6. cantik, ce.. mirip. aku suka banget lipstik yang cc pake, keren!

  7. cantik kak, suka makeup mata sama lipstiknya >,<


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