Thursday, March 27, 2014

Etude House Play Nails #60 and #102 Nail Polish [review]

It's been a year since my last nail polish review, isn't it? :p Well, I'm not a nail-polish person and I don't wear nail polish everyday.. Nevertheless, sometimes I like to play with nail polish ^__^ You can read my lame old reviews about nail polish review: here, here, here and here :p

Let's play with one of Etude House's latest nail polish ranges, shall we? ^.~
These are my new babies, Etude House Play Nail Nail Polish!
에뛰드 하우스 플레이 네일! ;)
I bought mine in #60 Neon Funny Talking and
#102 Glitter Miri Merry Christmas (limited edition)

content: 8ml

I love the design! Simple yet adorable! I love the lacey pattern on the bottle ^^ 
While the lid is made from plastic material, the bottle is made from quite sturdy glass :)
The height is 6.5 cm with diameter 2.3 cm.

Play Nail #60 유쾌한수다 Neon Funny Talking
Little bit hard to describe this color.. it's kinda bright pink-ish orange neon color..
So cheerful and attractive!

Play Nail has 150 various colors of nail polish! WOW *__*
click to enlarge

There is also a Etude House logo embossed on the top of each Play Nail nail polish. I guess you can't see it clearly :p haha

Applicator & Texture
It comes in regular applicator, the brush itself isn't too wide nor too small.
It has quite runny texture, easy to apply on nails :)

Color Pay-off
The color is quite pigmented and vibrant, but it still need 2 coats to cover nails perfectly.
Nevertheless, I still go with one coat, since it's enough for me.

#102 미리 메리 크리스마스  Glitter Miri Merry Christmas (limited edition)
This is one of the limited editions of Play Nail! ^^ Luckily could I got one!

Same applicator with Play Nail #60, color #102 has splash-like pattern :D very pretty!
Kinda reminds me with Snow flakes ^_^

1 Coat of Play Nail #60 and 1 coat of Play Nail #102 on my ring finger

another coat of Play Nail #102 and for last touch, I seal them with top coat :)
Play Nail's longevity is quite good! It has been 8 days since I applied those nail polishes, and only one nail finger that chapped little bit ^__^

Overall thoughts
I'm quite pleased with Play Nails' quality. Though the #60 color isn't too opaque (need 2 coats to cover up nails perfectly), it can cover my nails nicely. Their texture are pretty decent, dries quickly (only 2-3 minutes!) and has many color range to pick! *___* I guess they're like pokemon.. I want to catch 'em all. LOL

+ Available in 150 colors
+ Dries very quickly
+ Vibrant colors
+ Affordable price (around IDR 40,000-45,000)
+ Good longevity

- Nothing atm!


Have you tried Etude House Play Nail?
What do you think? ^^
Thanks for reading! :D


  1. Aaaa pengen Vee ^0^
    Bagus warnanya, yg putihnya juga bagus :D

  2. Cantik banget warnanya shel~ <3

  3. Huaaa... warnanyaaaaa cantikkkk bangett♥^O^^O^
    Cc mauuu..wkwkwk

    1. wkwk cobain warna lainnya ce :3 bagus2 jg lainnya

  4. 8 hari dipake nyuci ga shel >.< soalnya aku kan ibu RT hehehee warnanya bagus :) seger banget

    1. cuma dipake nyuci piring aja sih ce :p kalo cuci baju serahin ke pembantu wkwk

  5. kuku kamu kaya kuku ak yaaa buntet2 hehehehe tpi masi bagusan kamu >.<
    aku suka kebiasaan kopek2 kuku huaaaaaa T_T

    1. XD aku ga suka miara kuku panjang soalnya git..
      ga praktis kalo dibuat beraktifitas hahaha

  6. the color is so pretty, vee ^^ I'm always lazy to do my own nails lately ><

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  8. pilihan warnanya banyak banget. :o
    yang #60 juga cantik >,<


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