Sunday, March 16, 2014

Maybelline ColorSensational Lipstick - 235 Warm Me Up [review]

Hello everyone! How's your day? I back with another lippies review! ^_^
Well, I don't have much lipstick collection, because I don't really like to collect them.
I prefer lip tint and tinted lip balm so that's why.. XD

If you ask me what's my most favorite lipstick color? I will answer "nude lipstick" undoubtedly! ^_^
This is Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in 235 Warm Me Up shade.
I got it as Christmas swap gift last 2012, but I haven't tried it yet till a half of year later after received it. LOL
For an adorable-packaging-lover like me, its packaging design is completely boring >_< It's too professional, dominated with dark maroon transparent color with block-shaped packaging. 

ingredients list
CRISPER COLOR from pure pigments
CREAMIER FELL from nourishing honey nectar

Why You'll Love it
Fall in love with color, all over again:
- Crisper color from pure pigments
- Creamier feel from nourishing honey nectar
- Lipcolor so rich, so stunning.. it's sensational
- 68 captivating shades

For Best Results
Apply your lipcolor by starting in the center of your upper lip.
Work from the center to the outer edges of your lip, following the contours of your mouth. The glide across the entire bottom lip.

- Glammy Award for Best Products of 2009: Germany
- CEW Award for Best Lip Product at Mass: US

The shade is nude warm color with hint of pink :D Love it!
Suitable for everyday or special occasion! 

Satin finish. Suitable for warm-undertone skin type. It glides smoothly on my lips without leave cracky residue ^_^

Swatch on my Lips
Staying Power
The staying power is so-so, it lasts for around 3-4 hours with eating and drinking.
It doesn't dry my lips ^^ Don't forget to apply lip balm underneath!


Please pardon my un-styled hair >__< I wasn't in a mood to style my hair hahaha

+ Available in 24 different colors
+ Nice texture
+ Affordable price (around IDR 50,000-85,000)
+ Not drying
+ Wearable color

- Average staying power


Have you tried this lipstick? ^^
Let me know what you think ;)
Thanks for reading!! 

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  1. warnanya cakep, ce. soft banget. aku juga punya lipstik ini tapi shade pink me up hehehe

  2. pink na cakep juga. ak juga suka sm lipstick maybelline yg ini de. sampe uda ada 2 n 2 2 nya merah -.- tp liat pink na d kamu cakep juga yaa :3

  3. wahh bagus vie cantik ^^..

  4. good review, nice shade dan kamunya cantik bangeeeeet <3

    1. thank you <3
      wah, rambut pas lg berantakan gini >_<" wkwk

  5. Aaaaaa warnanya cakep banget Veeeee. Sukaaaa sama warnanyaaaa.
    Gak masalah Vee rambutnya gak diatur, soalnya tetep cantik ^_^
    Mau mau lippennya T_T

    1. iyaa cantik bgt warnanya ci :3 wearable haha
      aduh masa >_< aku ga pede sama rambutku yg skrg..
      rambut cptlah panjang T__T

  6. warnanya cakep shel ^^
    aku pny yg peachy scene kl ga salah.. nnt kpn2 ak review deh hihi
    wanginya colorsensational enak yaa hihi

    1. hehe ditunggu yaa reviewnya wiee ^^
      ehh ya ampun aku smpe ga nyadar ada wanginya XD ga terlalu kecium soalnya

  7. warnanya cakeeep <3
    cm sama sih ak jg lebih sk pale liptint, ga pnya lipstick XD

    1. cc jg dikit bgt koleksi lipsticknya XD apalagi red lipstick

  8. wahhh warna nudenya cakep ya trnyata, trus kliatan hydrating jg *.*

  9. Nice review! Looks really good on your lips :)

  10. ihhh warna lippennya cuteee :3
    btw, rambutnya noprob kok, tetep cantik hehe

  11. warnanya cantik dan natural,bisa dipake buat sehari-hari tuh ^^

  12. makeup matanya cantik kak *salah fokus*
    warna lipstiknya sukaaa XD cocok buat sehari2 ya :)


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