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Etude House Surprise Concealer Kit #1 Flaw Coverage [review]

Hello hello everyone~ :)
For me who tend to sleep late everyday, concealer is a MUST! Most of you may have known about this product already~ It's Surprise Concealer Kit from Etude House~
It's not a secret anymore.. Etude House is my most favorite Korean Brand :p I've tried their old Surprise Concealer Stick before and I love it! Due to enthusiasm of Surprise Concealer lover, Etude keep releasing their Surprise Concealer line with the latest packaging. Last year they also released concealer kit for complementing Surprise Concealer line ^_^

Etude House Surprise Concealer Kit has 2 type of kit. Surprise Concealer Kit is a long-lasting and perfect cover item. Melting concealer that covers skin flaws perfectly. Covers according to your skin tone with mixing 2 colors. Fits smoothly, and keeps make-up for hours. Exclusive concealer for under eye to brighten under eye with 2 steps. Covers effectively with 2 colors. Covers with smooth and moisturizing fit.

#1 Flaw Coverage [Spot Cover]
#2 Dark Circle Brightening

Other variants of Surprise Concealer Line:
Surprise Concealer Essence NEW - 5,000 원

Surprise Concealer Stick NEW- 6,000 원

Surprise Concealer Kit #1 - 7,000 원
Surprise Concealer Kit #2 - 7,000 원

Based on Etude House's information, this Surprise Concealer Kit is having same coverage like Surprise Concealer Stick's, and having good moisturizing effect. Let's check it out~ :D

It comes in very handy packaging, its lid is flip-able and mirror is included in this kit.
The packaging is dominated with pink color and cute design on the front ^_^

#1 Flaw Coverage [Cover Spots]
A + B = mix

#2 Dark Circle Brightening
Step 1: Peach color
Step 2: Beige color

How to use
1. Dark Circle Brightening
- Do base make-up with make-up base, foundation or BB cream.
- Mix 2 colors in the concealer kit, and create color to fit your skin tone.
- Apply on areas where you want to cover.

2. Spot Cover

- Do base make-up with make-up base, foundation or BB cream.

- Apply small amount of peach color on dark circle area under eye. 
- Apply small amount of beige color on peach color.

* For more easy application, use with brush.

Texture & Scent
Its texture isn't creamy as Revlon Photoready Concealer, but has similar consistency with Etude House Surprise Concealer Stick. Its texture is quite thick, but still easy to blend. I don't like its scent.. just like chemical scent :/


To be honest, I just realized that I bought wrong shade after I used it for several times ( ._.)/|
I bought it as pre-loved product with cheap price from my fellow blogger, Gita B; without thinking twice XD Well, this concealer still effective for my dark circle though!
After trial and tested, I found the better way to apply this concealer kit for my dark circle.. 
I only use darker shade of this kit to conceal my dark circle, let's take a look how it looks on my bad dark circles! :D

much better, isn't it?
Overall Thoughts
This Surprise Concealer Kit #1 does a great job to cover my dark circle area (despite of its main purpose is not for brightening dark circles XD). It doesn't cakey (for me) and doesn't sink into fine lines. The downsides of this concealer is its quite thick consistency, weird scent and makes my eyes feel uncomfortable after long usage. I quite like this concealer, but unfortunately it's not my favorite.

What I love 
+ Affordable price
+ Cute packaging design
+ Available in 2 shades
+ Quite easy to blend

What I hate :/
- Quite thick texture
- Weird scent
- Makes my eyes feel uncomfortable after long usage (itchy!)


What do you think about this concealer? ^^
Have you tried it before?
Thanks for reading 


  1. Wogh, I've wanted to try this concealer since a long time ago. Apparently, it has such a great coverage, doesn't it?
    Thanks for such a great review! ^^


  2. such a nice review *_* your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3


  3. wah lumayan juga ya coveragenya, tapi buat dark cirlce aku kayaknya ga bakal ketutup, hmmm
    thanks for review :D

  4. aku juga punya ini yg essence, salah pilih warna juga kayaknya..jadinya greyish gitu >.< haha
    thanks for sharing ce ^^

  5. ak punya ini tp yg essence, kurang ngefek di ak ><
    nanti cobain yg kit nya ah~ hehe thanks for the review ce :)

    1. hehe iya yg essence coveragenya kurang cel :D
      sama2 ^^

  6. Aku jarang pake concealer, sepertinya ini perlu dicoba ya. Thanks for the review dear :)

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    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  7. I love etude house! Especially their lips sticks, My Blooming Lips is my fav!

    Add me via GFC or IG and I will always follow back :)
    xoxo, Mango ❤
    Crop Top + Maxi Skirt | Facebook Fanpage

  8. One of my wishlist. Cakey gak lama kelamaan?

  9. Uncomfortablenya kenapa? Karena tekstur yg tebalkah? Mirip ya sama foundcealernya MULE by Jung Saem Mool. Penasaran jadinyaa

    1. hmm.. gmn blgnya ya... jd gatal gt di mata ><

  10. Sy baru review jg neeh ..
    Km gak terlalu cocok yah sm wangix ??
    Sayang yah ..hihi
    Masing2 orang jg ..
    Klo buatku ini favorit ..soalx sdh bs buat nutupin pori2, jerawat, dan dark circle >.<

  11. Woo *______*) aku baru beli yang ini untung ga sia2 fiuh~
    Sepertinya lumayan nutupin dark circle. Jd ga sabar nyobaa *_*) 9

  12. Can I ask you how long for it is out-of-date since we opened it >w< ? Thank you.

  13. I think is awesome :D I use one of bissu and its not good at all, I want to buy this and the tonymoly concealer <3

  14. I thought that the tone would be very clear to me, but it isn´t, so I would definitely buy it :3


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