Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Shu Uemura Heart-full Pink Parallel Palette [review]

Anyone waiting for this review? ^u^ It's Shu Uemura Heart-Full Pink Parallel Palette! *throw confetti*
I was freaked out when my name was announced as the winner of this lovely palette on this post.
Thank you so much Shu Uemura & Ci Nellin ^^ 

*Box Packaging*
It has dimension 10,2x10,4cm (width x height) with 1,5cm thickness. Made from sturdy carton paper with gold as its main color.
This 6Princess design was created by Japanese Artist, Takashi Murakami. So lovely isn't it?? 
 If you are wondering what is exactly 6Princess, you can watch the video below

It is a new collaboration cosmetic collection between internationally renowned Japanese moderen artist named Takashi Murakami and Shu Uemura. This Promotional Video which is heavily inspired by Japanese magical girl anime series, was directed by Mukarami himself. His anime studio Poncotan's member mebae served as the character designer and animation director, and livetune provided the theme song "Pink or Black".

IMO, this is a brilliant idea, combining high-end cosmetic brand like Shu Uemura with Anime characters named 6Princess with makeup palette as their transformation tool ^^

My palette is in Pink palette, while the Black palette is like this:

the details

from left and right side

The complete list of ingredients

Palette Packaging
Look at the packaging.. Cuteness overload >w<!!! I really love the design!!!! *freak out* 
The palette's dimension is 9,9x9,9cm (width x height) with 1,4cm thickness
Anyway the palette packaging itself is made from sturdy plastic material. I'm not sure what will happen if you accidentally drop this palette, of course you should not drop this palette, okay?

It also comes with big mirror, dual sponge applicator and dual brush

Pressed eyeshadow: PK1, PK2, PK3, PK4 (1,4 g x 4 pieces)
Silk smooth eyeshadow: PK5, PK6, PK7 (0,9 g x 3 pieces)
Glow on blush on: PK8 (4,5 g)

Each of eyeshadow has silk smooth texture with minimum fall-out. Their eyeshadows aren't chalky nor powdery. Love it! 

This palette is definitely suitable for travelling, I just can go with this single palette everywhere! ^^

Swatch (without eye primer)
Colors & Pay-off:
PK1 slightly similar with PK2 and PK4 is slightly similar with PK3. Pigmention of every eyeshadow is different. The most pigmented eyeshadow in this palette is PK5, PK6 and PK7. The eyeshadows has subtle shimmer which not really noticeable and still wearable for everyday look :)
For the blush on, it is beautiful rosy pink color and also has smooth texture.

Last but not least, selca of mine ^^ 
I tried this palette for Heart-full Valentine's Day makeup tutorial ;)

What I love 
+ Adorable packaging
+ Wearable colors
+ Practical and suitable for travelling
+ Comes with mirror, applicator & brush
+ Nice colors
+ Smooth and silky texture
+ Good pigmentation eyeshadows
+ Not chalky & minimum fall-out
+ Nice promotional media

What I dislike :/
- Pigmentation for every eyeshadow isn't same
- Pricey


What do you think about this palette? ^^
Thanks for reading!! 


  1. aduhh cantik banget palette nya hiks congrats ya shel uda menang..hihi

    1. *puk puk* jgn sedih wiiiee.. nti next time bs menang kok :'D
      thank you :*

  2. Cantiknyaaa ^_^
    Salam kenal cantik ^0^


  3. Ya ampuuun.. mata mu seprti boneka.. bening banget cc.. salam kenal..

    1. itu berkat softlens nya ^^ hihi
      thanks for stopping by :D salam kenal jg

  4. Wow, what a nice review!
    Cool packaging for the eyeshadow. xD

    Anyway, you have such a lovely blog.
    I've been following you.
    Mind to follow me back? ^^

    Glad to know you.

    1. thank you ^^
      suka banget ma packaginya =D hehe
      sure :D

  5. Kamu kok cute + cantik bangeeet siiih Vee :D *cubit pipi

    Aku setuju sama kamu, pigmentasi tiap warna nggak sama, terutama warna-warna yang muda.. But overall it's indeed a good palette :'D

    1. aduh makasih dil >v< haha
      iyaa yg warna2 muda ga gt pigmented x_x tp kualitasnya oke banget

  6. Uwaaa,,,palette cantik bgt,,shadenya juga bagus <3 *mupeng dech*
    hasilnya cocok untuk makeup romantis yach :-)

    I follow you now dear <3

  7. The packaging and colors are so pretty *-* I like how they included two different kinds of brushes. You look really pretty in the last picture :D


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