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Photoshop Beginner: How to Make Photo Products Look Better

As beauty blogger, sometimes we found out that our photos are too dark and needs to be edited before posted on our blog. Nevertheless, we don't know how to make it look better and just add watermark and leave them with that condition, which is supposed to be BIG NO.

Today I will share to you, the most basic photo editing (by using Adobe Photoshop), in order to make our photo products look better with better brightness and better color :D Hopefully this tutorial is helpful enough,

! Attention please !
I use Adobe Photoshop CS6 for this tutorial
Better use a sharp-detailed photo rather than blurred photo :)
Please make sure that your hand isn't shaky while capture a photo, and use right mode (normal or macro)
I always make sure that my photos are clean, and bright enough. What if the photos aren't bright enough?
I always use Photoshop as my weapon to make everything's better ^_^

Here we are, these are example for you. Before and after edited, which one better?
I captured these photos at evening and when I opened the result photos, they're look too dark and absolutely need to be fixed >_<

I always avoid too-dark photos and bad colors, in this tutorial I will show how to fix this ^_^
Of course you need to open your Adobe Photoshop and practice this tutorial with me~

Before start: change the image size first (optional)
Smaller image, faster computer performance

1. Change brightness & contrast:
Image > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast

Adjust the brightness & contrast, just test and trial and see how it will works after you drag the cursor with different kinds of style ^_^ I will go with Brightness: 83 & Contrast: 33
Tips: don't forget to tick the Preview box, so you can see the result in preview mode before click OK

After the brightness increased, you might notice that the colors are not vibrant & vivid anymore,
you need to adjust the hue/saturation then :)

2. Adjust Hue/Saturation
Click Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation (or simply click Ctrl+U on keyboard)

In this step, you will see there are few options to adjust Hue/saturation.
Just leave Preset as default, and change the next column either Master / Reds / Yellows / Greens / Cyan / Blues / Magentas. Next, if you want to enhance RED color on your photo, please choose Reds (or Alt+3).

In this case I want to enhance the Etude House BB Bright Fit's packaging color & rose color, so I clicked on Reds :) Again, don't forget to tick the Preview box, so you can see the result in preview mode

Adjust the saturation: if more than > 0 the colors would be more vibrant
if less than < 0 the colors will look pale, grayish and dead

Every object which contains Red element would be adjusted automatically.
If you choose master, every colors on this photo be more vibrant. Meanwhile, if you choose green, every object which contains Green element would be adjusted and so on. Just try it by yourself and you will know the differences ^_^

And it's done!
Much better, isn't it? :) the photo becomes brighter & clean while the colors are still vibrant and vivid.

You may want to ask me: "How if my photos are not sharp enough? How to fix it?"
If you want to enhance the sharpness of the images, you also can follow this additional tutorial ^_^

the object

3. Sharpen the Photos!
Click Filter > Sharpen > Sharpen Edges
(you always can try another options, you know ^_^ just try and test them to know best result for you)

I clicked "sharpen edges" two times in order to make the object much sharper.
Tips: don't over-sharpen it or it will looks fake and strange.

See.. before and after editing.. 
Do you notice that the BB cream letter becomes slightly sharper and cleaner? :)

What do you think about this tutorial?
Please forgive me if this tutorial isn't professional enough >w< This is my first Photoshop tutorial :p
Hope you find this tutorial is helpful ^____^
Please let me know if you have tried it, okay? :D

for the rest of photos of this BB cream, you can see my latest review

Thanks for reading~
See ya on my next post! 


  1. Beauty interview with Xiao Vee udah di post ^^ klik ya thank you~

  2. useful tips ce :D
    udah lama ga pake adobe photoshop, di laptop udah ada picture editor yg lain, takutnya malah numpuk.

  3. Waa.. gak pernah kepikiran buat pake yang sharpen, selama ini cuma adjust level, color balance, sama saturation ajaa.. hihi.. Nice tutorial and thank you for sharing, vii! ^^

    1. you're welcome ^^
      senang kalo bisa berguna :D hehe

  4. Thank you for the tips! I never knew how to use photoshop, but now i sort of do haha ^_^


  5. Wahhh nice tips nih. Aku juga sama kayak Vani gak pernah pake sharpen hahaha. Gaptek soalnya hahaha. Thanks tipsnya cantik ^_^

  6. Thank you tutorialnya! <3 I'll try this !

  7. wuihh bagus shel tutorialnya.. aku biasanya cuma pakai brightness/contras, ga tau fungsinya hue/saturation makanya fotoku agak keterangan kayaknya..apalagi yg foto close up gitu >_<
    tutorial km bikin fokus juga ya..coba ahhh hihi
    thanks for sharing! :*

    1. aaahh senang klo bs berguna wie ^^ hehehe
      sama2 beb :*

  8. wah thanks ya vee uda di kasih tutorialnya, jadi tambah ngerti >,<
    abis kalo edit sendiri kadang suka aneh jg sih, haha :D
    semoga next time ada tutorial photoshop buat bikin tutorial make up, tutorial kecilin muka, shading hidung, dll. LOL

    1. sama2 dina ^_^ smoga bs membantu
      wahh... itu ilmu yg berbahaya XD wkwk

  9. bagus banget tutorialnya, langsung pengen nyoba
    nyari photoshopnya dulu aah >.<
    thanks ya vee :*
    semoga next time ada post untuk buat tutorial make up, shading hidung, buat watermark, putihin kulit, dll. LOL

  10. nice tutorial shel... ^^ aq biasax klo mw nerangin cuma main screen opacity... hehe.. ga prnah kpikiran fungsi sharpen, ntar next time bs dicoba.. thanks ^^

    1. thank you glo ^^ snang klo bs membantu :D

  11. thankyou vee, you make it easier to practice^^


  12. Thank you :) it helps a lot. Utk yg sharpen, aku biasanya pake smart sharpen sih . Membantu banget tutorialnya :)

  13. sangat membantu.. segera akan ku coba... thanks say >.<

  14. wahh thankyouu yah buat tutorialnya^^..

  15. Great post Xiao =) I use the adjust Shadows/Light one the most and then hue and saturation. Which PS do you use?


  16. I love the packaging color :D



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