Saturday, February 15, 2014

CANMAKE Powder Cheeks & THE SAEM Eco Earth Calendula SPF50+ [review]

Hello everyone~ I'm back with two reviews in a post! You might wonder why, because each review is quite short, so I think it's better combine these two products in single post, due to efficiency LOL

First product, Canmake Powder Cheeks!
Canmake is a Japanese Cosmetic brand, it has wide range cosmetics and famous in Asia :) I got this blush on long time ago and I always forgot to post the review -.-a
The packaging reminds me with Daiso Blush On. It made from transparent plastic material. What a very plain design and not memorable ._. It comes with a brush and it's quite practical to use.

I got mine in PW22 in pink rose. The retail price in online store is different each other, it retails around $13.00-20.00 each, please correct me if i'm wrong.

Color & Pay-off
I loveee its rosy color! Suitable for yellow-tone skin like mine :3 I use it often especially for travelling.
Its color is pigmented enough and the brush is quite soft.

It generates blushed cheeks effect without look too much :)
I used this blush on for my Anna Frozen Inspired Makeup Look Tutorial 
This blush on is practical for travelling and fit in any makeup pouch. Despite of its boring packaging, it has nice quality and not powdery :) This blush on is considerable to bought if you want a simple and convenient blush on for everyday basis. This blush on last for around 4-7 hours after applied on cheeks (depends on weather and skin type).



Second product,  
The Saem
Eco Earth Calendula Sun Spray SPF50+/PA+++

I'm pretty sure most of you haven't seen this product yet. The Saem brand is not as popular as Tony Moly or Holika Holika, and they're still developing Brand Awareness among cosmetics junkies by recruited IU and G-Dragon for their brand ambassadors :)

I bought it in rush when I was in Korea and I grabbed it because I was looking for Sun Spray with high SPF :p Hopefully The Saem will expand their outlet in Indonesia very soon!
It dominated with white color, very simple, plain and not memorable >_<
It comes in typical aerosol packaging.
Content: 100ml

Okay everything is written in Hangeul. I can read them, but I'm too lazy to translate them one by one ._.
For short explanation: this is a sun spray for face and body, you can bring this everywhere and you can spray this immediately onto your face and body whenever you need protection from sun rays.

It has STRONG scent that bothers me so much T_T Definitely not safe for those of you who has sensitive skin. Well, I still can use it for body at least...

This sun spray is definitely not for me.. The scent is too strong and I can't see significant effect before and after using this sun spray. I think I should grab another liquid sunscreen in the future, instead of sun spray..


What do you think about those products? ^_^
Have you tried them before?
Thanks for reading! :)


  1. blush on canmakenya lucuu warnanya :D hehe
    btw about the post, buat ak sih ga msalah klo dijadiin satu ci, cman gatau knp enakan klo dipisah bacanya >_< hehe nice reviews!

    1. gitu ya ceell.. hmmm.. soalnya klo dibikin beda post jg pendek bgt sih.. takut pembaca bosan >_< thx utk feedbacknya yaa ^^

  2. canmake powder cheeks nya baguus ya warnanya =) .
    tahan lama gak warnanya?
    waah saem sun spray wanginya strong yaa, sayang yaah.

    1. iyaa cakep XD
      oiya lupa blm tulis, thx for reminding ci ^^ tahan lumayan lama sih di aku.. sekitar 5jam
      iyaaa wanginya ganggu banget X(

  3. Menurutku juga gak masalah Vee kalo dibikin post terpisah :D
    Blush on nya mudah dibawa travelling ya, udah ada brushnya lagi ^_^
    Kok foto kamu gak full? Cantikkk ^_^

    1. thanks utk feedbacknya ci ^^ iyaa praktis bgt :D
      soalnya itu utk foto Anna (Frozen) tutorial XD pas foto itu, lupa nyopot hair velcro hahaha


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