Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Moire Softlens in Blue [review]

Hello everyone! ^^ Welcome to month of love, February!
If you have read my previous Moire Softlens, you probably know that this softlens is so affordable, easy to be find in nearest optic store and has natural pattern. Actually my relationship with this brand is love-hate relationship. Curious? Read more to find out why
I thought I wouldn't repurchase this softlens again, but few months ago I was in urge of new contact lens and I couldn't wait any longer to buy new contact lens through online shop. Then.. I just went to nearest optic store and found out that this softlens's color attracted me. So I gave another try of this sofltens.. I bought this for around IDR 80.000-90.000

Important to be noticed:
For cosmetic use only. Consult your eyecare professional before wearing contact lenses. Read all instructions before wearing contact lenses. Tamper Resistant. Use only if printed foil packs are intact. Remove contact lenses before going to bed.

Color: Blue
Diameter: 14.5mm
Water content: 43%
Life Span: 6 months

It comes in blister packaging, very convenient and practical.
Manufactur for Schon Limited, UK
Manufactur by Geflex Laboratories
Made in Australia

Color & Enlargement
It has pretty simple pattern with blue color accents. The color looks so natural and not really vibrant, definitely wearable for daily basis :) The enlargement effect is also so-so, this lens may not suitable for those of you who look for vibrant colored lens with dolly effect.

Sorry I was in hurry and not in a mood to put any false lashes x_x I just went for very minimal makeup LOL.
Do you also notice that my hair was not completely dry? >_< Please excuse my hair, I'm not a hairdryer person *deep apologize*

I dunno why, but I only can resist this lens for around 4-5 hours. Actually it's not that drying but It's become uncomfortable after used for longer than 5 hours (my eyes is getting sensitive lately T_T!!).

What I like  
+ Wearable and natural color
+ Affordable price
+ Quite comfy

What I hate :/
- It's getting uncomfortable (for my eyes) after 5 hours
- My eyes could getting tired easily in front of laptop's monitor

Repurchase? I gave up on this lens...

Any recommendation for natural blue colored softlens? :)
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