Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Heart-full Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorial

Hello everyone! I'm back with another tutorial! ^^ Gladly I could made it this time, I was kinda sad I couldn't create any CNY look for this blog T^T 
I was very busy those days & went to Jakarta for Big Family Reuion.

Today I'd share about Valentine's Day makeup tutorial by using Shu Uemura Heart-full Pink Parallel Palette that I won from Ci Carnellin's Giveaway couple weeks ago \(^_^)/

Please take a note that this look is only suitable for:
+ Lazy woman/lady/girl
+ Busy woman/lady/girl
+ Beginner in makeup
+ Romantic Valentine's Day Dinner
+ Someone who loves natural makeup

So, let's get started!


hmmm I don't know why the left and right eye's makeup look different O_O It affected by different lighting I guess.
FYI I used two lighting at that moment.

Personally for me, I prefer this kind of makeup look for Valentine's day as my *ehm* BF always complaining if I wear thick makeup in front of him :p

How do I look? I still need to practice more >w<
Thank you for reading and have a happy Valentine's Day with your beloved ones!


  1. cantik sheeeelll, *ehm* yg udah punya BF :p

  2. hi, salam kenal.. you're so pretty^^
    nice tutorial, step by stepnya jelas banget :D

    1. halo ^^ thanks for reading yaaa..
      thank you for your kind comment <3
      will do better in the future <3

  3. Replies
    1. ya ampun XD ngga sampe segitunya ci.. kan ini efek makeup jg hehehe
      thank you <3

  4. you are beautiful!!! thanks for this tutorial <3

  5. wayuu lho yaaa cece inii huaaaa xDD~~


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