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Hello guys! April has passed and let's welcome this new month with a grateful heart :D
As requested, here I present to you My Current Skin Care Routine post!

As a beauty blogger, I often change my skin care products and gladly I never get any serious skin problem so far.. Every time I try new products, I always tried my best to finish up those products before move to another products. Why? Because if my skin get "click" with any new product, I don't think I will back to my previous skin care product, and the previous one will be a waste. So, before I move to another product, I'm sticking to these products at the moment and let my skin take a break (from my experiments) for a while ^_^

I pixelated this image just for fun :p Can you tell what those products are, guys? hehe.
Click read more to see the answer! ^.^




Skin care routine for normal combination skin type, Skin care product for normal combination skin type,

Here they are! I will list them one by one~

Morning Skin care routine for normal combination skin type, Morning Skin care product for normal combination skin type,
(Because I don't like to apply too many steps of skin care in the morning)

1. Garnier Duo Clean Duo Foam Grape Extract & Lychee Essence [REVIEW]
Actually this cleansing foam isn't my favorite, but I'm currently not in a urge to try new cleansing foam. So I decided to empty this product first before try another one.

2. Nivea Refreshing Toner for Normal Skin
Sorry I have no review for this toner, but this is my second bottle. Despite the involvement of alcohol, I like this toner because it's cheap, doesn't breaks out my skin and easy to be found in local supermarket :p

3. Sulwhasoo Snowise Ex UV Protection Cream [REVIEW]
Due to its thick consistency, I don't think I need moisturizer underneath. It's quite moisturizing and have high SPF. I'm ready to apply make up after this very simple morning routine :D

Recommended cleansing product, cleansing routine for normal combination skin type, cleansing product for normal combination skin type
(I use these products to remove all my makeup. Particularly, before bed time and night routine)

1. Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water [REVIEW]
I got this bioderma last year and I use it little by little *pelit* :p Because I don't want to repurchase this one too soon, LOL. It works very well to remove my waterproof makeup!

2. Silky Girl Eye & Lip Makeup Remover [REVIEW]
I repurchased this one not long time ago, and it's still being one of my favorite makeup remover. Firsts, because it works well on removing makeup, also, it's pretty affordable and easy to be found in nearest drugstore of department store ;)

3. Kracie Naive Cleansing Oil [REVIEW]

I use this cleansing oil to remove my makeup in the evening (before I take a shower), or before bed time :D

4. Garnier Duo Clean Duo Foam Grape Extract & Lychee Essence
Last step of my cleansing routine. Read my caption about this product on the above.

Night Skin care routine for normal combination skin type, Night Skin care product for normal combination skin type

1. Nivea Refreshing Toner for Normal Skin
As explained above

2. Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner [REVIEW]
Gentle to my skin, adsorbs into my skin well and doesn't sticky ;) I like to apply this toner with clean fingers and I use this product as pre-serum product

3. Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Serum [REVIEW]
I like its packaging because it comes with pump, and definitely won't spills out everywhere

4. Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream [REVIEW]
Very moisturizing and doesn't breaks out my skin. Sometimes I apply this cream thickly and let it do another job as sleeping mask.

5. TDF Eye Radiance Serum [REVIEW]
This eye serum is going to run out and I have no idea what product that I should try to replace this eye serum.. Any suggestion?

6. Pasjel Cat Waltz Eyelash Serum
Complete review will be up as soon as possible :D

(I don't use these products regularly *except the exfoliator combo* because I often being lazy forget them, LOL)

1. Klairs Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil [REVIEW] & Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish [REVIEW]
I use this combo to exfoliate my skin weekly. Klairs Cleansing Oil will softens the Klairs Facial Polish's texture and makes it become less-rough and friendlier to skin :p This duo is inseparable.

2. Homemade Oat Face Mask Beauty in The Pot [REVIEW]
Sometimes I use this Oat Face Mask to pamper my skin, and my skin will become smoother and firmer afterwards :)

3. Gulaco Paude Mask [REVIEW]
It works well to soften my skin :D I use this mask alternately with Oat Face Mask

4. 3CE Fresh Aqua Mist [REVIEW]
I spritz this face mist whenever I want to get instant moisturizing effect on my skin

Sorry, I forget to include my acne repellent product and lip scrub -_-
For lip scrub, recently I also use the Klairs Facial Polish while scrubbing my face at the same time, for time efficiency :p for acne repellent product, I used to apply Verile Acne Gel on my acne, but I dunno why lately my acne doesn't gives any positive reaction towards this product anymore.. Maybe I gotta look for another acne product.. ._. Suggestion please?

Oh, not forget to mention that sometimes I also use sheet mask (any random sheet mask in my stack of sheet masks), not weekly though XD As I mentioned above, I often forget to spare my time to do my additional skin care regimen. Hehe, my bad :p

my latest bare-face photo... It was my morning face, so please excuse my sleepy face! :p

So I think that's all ^.^
Thanks for reading guys!


  1. akhirnya di posting juga shel hihi
    klairs hasilnya bagus ya, pengen coba tapi gatau cara belinya di whistrend gimana >_<
    kulitmu bagus shel, baby face pulaa :*

    1. Hehe ;p km jg post skin care routine dong wie.
      Belinya pake paypal.. Ato cari OS terdekat. aku lupa OS mana yg jual >_< kpn hr prnh liat di Ig
      Ngga kok wie, msh byk jerawat kecil2 n bekasnya T_T

  2. mulusss vi... *envy.. susah banget ngilangin bekas jerawat sama kalo ada jerawat yang mendem itu entah harus diapakan. meskipun 2-3biji cukup bikin >.<

    1. I wish XD byk bekas jerawatnya itu jes.. Saking agak ga keliatan gara2 cahaya matahari..
      Iyaa jerawat batu emg bikin jesel ya jes >_<
      Klo soal jerawat batu aku masih blm nemu produk yg bener2 bagus sih

  3. I will try your night routine Stuff they look great! And oh, I'm having a kawaii cute giveaway on my page if you wanna try just follow my blog, my YouTube And my facebook.

  4. Huaaa, kepengen juga mukanya mulus kayak kamu Shel ^0^
    Mukaku masih ada bekas jerawatnya nih yang bolong, kepengen MTS lagi haha tapi masih nunggu waktu yang tepat :D
    Aku juga banyak yang request nih skincare rutinku sekarang, tapi belum sempet2 mau buat haha. Itu Bioderma suka banget pakenya, easy to use banget ^0^

    1. MTS itu apaan ci? >_<
      iya nih ditunggu update terbarunya yaa ^^

  5. Obat jerawatnya coba Benzolac yang 2,5% atau yang 5%, jerawatnya jadi gampang mengecil. Tapi kalo jerawat batu agak lama kalau cuma pakai benzolacnya aja. Kalo jerawat batu biasanya pakai benzolac dulu trs acnol, jd lebih cepat kempesnya ^^

    1. Hi Elvina..
      itu semua bs ditemukan di apotek ya? thanks yaa infonya ^^ <3 <3

  6. Klairs memang top *nari bahagia *

  7. wah cocok pake kracie naive cleansing oil ya?
    hiks ,di aku malah jerawatan.
    akhirnya aku cuma cocok pake naive cleansing foam aj

    Klairs keknya bagus ya? oke deh ,masukin ke wishlist , hihi

  8. bersih banget kak mukanya....
    btw kapan-kapan post tentang cara beli di wishtrend dong kak hehehe :D

  9. Silky make up remover sm maybelline yg biru bagus mana ci?


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