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BEAUTY TIPS #1: How to Handle & Treat Irritated and Inflamed Skin

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DISCLAIMER: I'm not a skin professional, I write this post based on my experience and knowledge. The result may differs from one to another. If you really want to try my method, go ahead, but I do not responsible with the results.


As a beauty blogger and beauty enthusiast, one of my biggest fear is any negative result in reaction towards skin care products (like break outs, irritation). I often try new skin care products and I relieved no one give worst effect to my skin. Some of my friends and readers consider that I'm lucky enough because my skin isn't too picky and not fussy in terms of trying new skin care. Till one day, I got panicked due to my skin condition..

One night, when I was cleansing my face with my regular cleansing foam, I freaked out because suddenly my skin turned out so rough, slightly reddish and itchy O_O I literally had no idea what was going on. I tried to remember which product that made me like this, or.. did I do something wrong?

I tried to figure out what this symptom is. I thought my skin need to get pampered by face mask, and later on I gave my skin face mask (in order to get back my smooth skin). Nothing happens.

Due to my tight schedule, I really had no time to see dermatologist and I had to do self-research in few days. At first, I guessed my skin turned out to orange-peel skin (because it's rough like orange-peel skin), but the symptoms of orange-peel skin are completely different with my condition. My skin was getting more itchy and reddish time by time :( My skin became more sensitive and felt quite sore when I tried to moisturize my skin with my regular serum and night cream. Accidentally, I know the reason behind this skin problem.. My skin was irritated and inflamed.

That's the reason why my skin refused any skin care product that contains chemical substances (in return, my skin felt quite sore). My skin demanded for skin care remedy that contains least chemical substances >_< I'm not really sure (till now), which ingredient in my new skin care product that made me like this.. But after this incident, I will ensure myself to avoid (or at least reduce) any use of product that contains the same or derivative ingredients.

Can you tell how rough my skin was? By that time, I really wanted to cry in confusion :((
Every time I touched my face, I found minimal smooth area on my face. Because I also applied the culprit (new product that I accused for being the cause of this skin problem) onto my neck, my neck felt quite rough as well.

The roughest parts of my face were center of my face (including my nose, and eyes area), and also chin area. Probably the changes of my skin wasn't too visible, but it could be perceived by touch. 
I was afraid to put any foundation, BB Cream or even CC Cream because my skin would looks so patchy and ugly due to rough surface :( I let my skin breath and I only wear sunscreen, and very minimal makeup to make myself look presentable in office. Gladly, later I found many useful tips in treating irritated skin on internet and started to do some things to myself.

I also shared my recent conditions to my blogger friend, Dewie. Her supports and advice calmed me much *thank you Wie! ^.^ I said to her that I was currently trying homemade natural skin remedy to heal my skin irritation and if this attempt succeeded, I gotta share these tips in my blog. Praise The Lord, my skin got better afterwards and here we are! The tips below are things that I have done to treat and heal my irritated and inflamed skin.


The legendary trick to treat irritated skin!

Why oatmeal?
Oatmeal have all been proven to calm inflamed and itchy skin. Oatmeal contains compounds called avenanthramides that reduce inflammation. Oatmeal also can be used to treat other skin problems chicken pox, poison ivy and eczema. 

massage gently 
How to use oatmeal as cleansing
1. Scoop 1-2 tsp of plain and uncooked oatmeal
2. Hold your fist, pour some lukewarm water
3. Apply the watery oatmeal directly onto your face

Do this step twice a day till the itchy and inflamed skin get better.


Why honey & cinnamon powder?
Honey has benefit as natural moisturizer and anti-inflammatory, while cinnamon is useful to remedy irritated skin. Optional: if you don't have cinnamon, you may substitute it with shaved cucumber for cooling sensation, reduce the pain and speed the recovery.

How to make honey & cinnamon face mask:
1. Mix 3 tbs of pure honey & 2 tbs of cinnamon powder into a container
2. Stir and mix it well until it reaches a paste-like consistency
3. Apply the mask onto face evenly, let it dry and rinse off
4. Store the leftover into fridge to keep its freshness.
*Can be stored for a week

UPDATE (02/06/2015): If you have sensitive skin and large pores, please skip cinnamon powder and substitute it with cucumber instead or honey only. Because some readers told me that cinnamon won't work on them as they have sensitive skin and large pores, on contrary, it hurts their skin >_< But if you have normal combination skin (as mine), you may try this recipe.


Why Ice Cubes & How to use it?
Freeze clean and filtered water into ice cubes for a cooling sensation. The cold of the ice cubes also helps to numb the affected area, reduce the itchiness and bring down swelling and inflammation. It helps to shrink the enlarged pores as well! Please take a note that you should let the ice cube slightly melts before use it (as frozen ice cubes will be too harsh for your delicate skin, so better cool it down first) or wrap the frozen ice cube with towel.

Do this step 1-2 times a day.


Why Oriflame Tender Care?
As skin still needs additional moisture, we should push away our regular skin care products till our skin become normal again. We may use Oriflame Tender Care (review) in urgent matter because it has benefits to treat and moisturize irritated skin.

How to use?
Apply Tender Care directly onto the irritated area evenly.
Do this every night, rinse off the next morning.
Not for use for long time

UPDATE 02/06/2015: Some friends and readers told me that petroleum / beeswax isn't good for face because it tends to clog pores and might leads to break outs. Thanks for the feedback! :D Sorry for my mistakes ._.
To be honest, this is new information for me as I do know Tender Care is allowed to be applied on irritated skin (including face skin), and I lack of information about similar multi-function balm like Nivea/Vaseline Petroleum Jelly or Egyptian Magic Cream. So, if you want to try, you probably should try Tender Care :)


I'm happy to announce that my skin was getting better in Day 3! ^__^
The skin irritation completely went away after Day 5 :D Thanks God! :')

I captured the photos in the morning after woke up
I'm glad that my real smooth skin is back! :') After 1 week doing the treatment, I was able to back to my regular skin care routine but still, I don't know which ingredient that have made my skin like this.. ._.

My recent selfie, a week after the treatment.. my skin surface was getting better and looked good with heavy makeup ^_^ I wore heavy makeup for my close friends' wedding party, as you can tell.. I was the bridesmaid :D

Hopefully you find these tips are useful! :)
I'm sorry for presenting some pictures with low quality, blame on poor lighting in my boarding house >_< LOL. If you have any question, please comment below!

Thanks for reading guys!
See ya on my next post, xx


  1. Shelvi...
    makasih yaa tips nya :*
    biasanya aku juga pake petroleum jelly buat kalo ada yg iritasi..
    jadi kepengen nyoba maskeran pake oatmeal :D

    makasih tipsnya yaa Shel :*

    1. Itu aku pke oatmeal bkn sbg masker sih Nda. Tapi kalo mau dibuat masker jg gpp ^^
      Sama2 ^^

  2. Itu oatmeal nya d gosok d muka trs lgsg bilas apa dipake kaya masker didiemin gtu dlu ? :0

  3. Thank for sharing the tips Vi. Petroleum jelly kayaknya boleh dicoba nih :D

  4. These tips are super helpful~! I'm going to try some of these out <33

  5. Halloo..
    Aku mau tanya, kalo tiap hari kita pakai makeup (loose powder, bbc, dll) pemakaian oatmeal buat cleansernya gimana ya kak?
    Soalnya aku biasanya double cleansing pake milk cleanser - facial foam, tapi sekarang kondisi kulit wajahku lagi ngadat, muncul beruntusan & dapat info buat ganti facial foam pake oatmeal. Trims kak :)

    1. halo :) saranku kalo kulit lg bermasalah, break dulu dari makeup yang berlapis-lapis. kemarin pas iritasi aku cuma berani pake sunscreen dan loose powder, biar kulitnya bernapas dulu soalnya..
      tp kalo mau ganti facial foam pake oatmeal, sebelumnya bisa cuci muka pake cleansing oil dulu :)

    2. Ikut nimbrung ya. Aku lumayan rutin cuci muka pake oatmeal ini uda hampir setahun. Paling absennya kalo lagi males aja, baru diganti facial wash yang berbusa. Waktu makeupnya lagi agak berlapis, biasanya aku bersihin pake cleansing oil dulu. IMO, pake oil gini lebih bisa ngapus beersih sampai ke pori2 daripada pakai cleansing milk.

  6. ahh.. what made you like that shelvi.. :( *shocked
    thank God you made it again.. will try the oat mask

  7. None of them works for my very sensitive and acne skin.... (._.) #sedih
    But I still wash my face with oatmeal every morning and use ice cube after..

    1. ummm kalo acne prone skin rasanya beda lagi resepnya ce.. o_o
      aku baru tau kalo cc kulitnya sensitif juga

  8. Halo shelvi, pake petroleum di muka, setauku sih engga boleh ya. Kalo beeswax masih boleh. Kalo si jelly ini bisa menyumbat pori2, jadi sangat ga disarankan buat dipakai sebagai moisturizer wajah. cmiiw yaa.

    1. aku ngga pake terus menerus kok dear :) hanya pas iritasi aja kemarin, di spot-spot yang iritasi.
      cocok-cocokan mungkin yaa.. aku baca di internet juga ada yg blg nyumbat pori-pori, di aku sih ga apa2, soalnya kulit lagi kering banget dan butuh pelembab gitu..
      but thanks ya udah dikasih tau ^^

  9. bahan alami emg plg enak ya ce dibuat skincare ..
    thanks for sharing ce :)

  10. As a skincare professional, I think these tips are great!! I do the oatmeal cleans a lot :) It's a great treatment for the skin :)

  11. ngubek ngubek blognya kaka buat bc detil tentang oatmeal-nya,, awalnya pingin nanya banyak, tapi semakin dscroll semakin bnyak pertanyaan ku yang terjawab, so happy
    jadinya komen buat bilang makasih banyak buat kaka yang udah berbaik hati share very nice tipsnya. saya udah beli oatmeal, tinggal nunggu malesnya ilang buat nyobai. goodluck terus ka....><


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