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Coastal Scents 12 Pieces Brush Set [review]

When you have decided to get into makeup, you should do invest to at least a good quality brush set. Good quality brushes are essential to learn make up, because it's like our weapon in war field :D
I can't remember when I bought this brush set (maybe in 2013?), but one day when I was about to buy new brush set, a promotion from Coastal Scents popped out before my eyes and I immediately purchased it XDD If I'm not mistaken, I bought this brush set for IDR 250,000 from local online shop.

So, this is my brief review about my daily brush set ^.^
Coastal Scents 12 Piece Brush Set Review, Coastal Scent Brush Set ideal for beginner, USA brand brush set, kuas make up untuk pemula

12 Professional Cosmetic Brushes
1 Stylish Leatherine Brush Case

Create your ideal look effortlessly with Coastal Scents 12 Piece Brush Set. This set includes twelve matte black, wooden handled, silver ferrule professional brushes that enable you to create a wide range of looks. The brushes are a mixture of natural and synthetic bristles, allowing you to choose the right brush for your needs. The fully equipped leatherine case is imprinted with the Coastal Scents logo and includes an individual slot for each of the twelve brushes. The case is also easily foldable and snaps closed, safely securing your brushes during travel.

Price: $24.95
Coastal Scents 12 Piece Brush Set Review, Coastal Scent Brush Set ideal for beginner, USA brand brush set

(All dimensions are approximate)

Length : 24.50" (62.23 cm)
Width : 9.50" (24.13 cm)
Height : 0.50" (1.30 cm)

Length : 6.99" (16.99 cm)
Width : 9.50" (24.13 cm)
Net Weight 0.556 lbs


  1. Classic Large Powder (Natural): Used to apply face powder
  2. Classic Blush Angle Small (Natural): Used to apply blush on and bronzer
  3. Classic Foundation Small (Synthetic): Used to apply foundation / BB Cream / CC Cream
  4. Classic Shadow Medium (Synthetic): Used to transfer eyeshadow from palette onto eyelid
  5. Classic Blender Doefoot (Synthetic): Used to blend eye shadow
  6. Classic Blender Pointed (Natural): Used to blend smaller area of eyeshadow
  7. Classic Concealer Small (Synthetic): Used to conceal blemishes and dark circle
  8. Classic Detail Round (Synthetic): Used to apply eyeshadow in smaller area
  9. Classic Detail Pointed (Synthetic): Used to apply sparkling eyeshadow on tear duct / to apply lip product
  10. Classic Angled Liner Small (Synthetic): Used to apply gel eyeliner / eyeshadow in angled motion
  11. Classic Bent Liner (Synthetic): Used to apply gel eyeliner (sort of. LOL. I almost never use this brush, though)
  12. Classic Lash Brow Comb: Used to comb eyebrow and separate eyelashes after mascara

Coastal Scents 12 Piece Brush Set Review, Coastal Scent Brush Set ideal for beginner, USA brand brush set

I've tried these brushes for months now.. Though their bristles might be no the softest, but they are gentle enough for my skin. The results are streak-free and their bristles are almost never fall out. So far, I'm satisfied with its overall quality ^_^ These brush set is definitely worth to try, especially for beginners with tight budget :D

Aku sudah mencoba kuas makeup ini selama berbulan-bulan.. Bulu-bulu kuasnya mungkin bukan yang paling halus, tapi lumayan lah untuk dipake sebagai alat "perang buat" pemula. Hasilnya ngga bikin ada garis-garis di kulit dan bulu-bulunya juga hampir nggak pernah rontok. Sejauh ini sih aku lumayan puas dengan kualitasnya ^_^ Set kuas ini lumayan bagus kalau mau dicoba, terutama bagi pemula dalam hal make up yang pengen coba-coba :D

Pros (+)
+ Affordable
+ Good quality
+ Very minimal fall out of bristles
+ Doesn't take much space in bag (quite travel-friendly)
+ Contains 12 essential-brushes for beginners
+ Quite thick leather case
+ Sturdy handles

Cons (-)
- The brow comb is so rough >_< I prefer my eyebrow mascara-brush
- The handle of eye makeup brushes are a bit too long for self-makeup purpose
- Some of big brushes' ferrule are quite fragile :s 

What's brush set for beginners that you recommend, guys? ^_^
Thanks for reading! xx


  1. Aku juga lagi pengen jajan kuas masih galau antara Rt core set atau ecotools minis set aaakk

  2. Cobain CS aja ;p lbh lengkap 1 set hihi

  3. Kayaknya bagus buat yang pemula ya ci^^

  4. aku baru tau lho kalau CS ternyata murah. terlanjur beli RT hiks tapi nggak papa sih enak brush nya hehe


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