Monday, May 4, 2015

Second Blog!

Hello everyone! This is a quick announcement from me..
If you do notice, I already put new badge on my sidebar, the link will goes to my second blog.
Huh, wait! What do you mean about second blog?

Yes, I just started my second blog last month. I migrated my old k-drama reviews and began to write new posts there :D Basically my second blog mostly will be filled by drama reviews, personal thoughts, foods (Not restaurant. I will keep fancy restaurants for my main blog :p), random things and ramblings.

You might ask the reason behind I started another blog (since I still have this blog to maintain), the answer is.. because not writing what's inside my head will drives me sort of nuts.. As I can't write random things as free as I want on this blog, unless I'm intended to make my readers leave me soon, due to my inconsistency. I believe most of you keep reading / following my blog because of my beauty-related post, don't you? Because that's the reason why I started this blog :)

It's been a habit for me to review something that I like / dislike, and drama or movie is one of my fondness. That's why... I stopped to write k-drama reviews on this blog and continue my ramblings on my second blog. I will probably write more about my personal life and thoughts on my second blog *just in case there's something interesting to talk about* ^.^

I round off my main blog's contents and try to make it as clutter-free as possible from now on. Of course, BEAUTY related things will dominate this blog. Aside of beauty-related things, I still want to write about travel, and F&B.

You may visit my second blog if you want:
Because I feel so lonely on my second blog :P LOL

PS: If you're a k-drama lover, can we discuss more about k-dramas on my second blog? Hehe ^.^
Can't wait to see you there guys :D Don't worry, this blog will always be my priority over my second blog. My second blog is purely just for fun hehe.

If you're still here reading the end of this post, thank you so much for always supporting me till now! :) :) Love you guys!


  1. Ohh, awesome :D I love kdramas, so I followed you there as well ^_^


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