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Lucido-L Triple Beauty Vitamin Spray for Damaged Hair [review]

Hello hello guys! Recently I'm really in mood to treat my hair well ^.^ I'm using lots of hair care products like conditioner, hair treatment, hair vitamin, hair tonic and hair sprays. Maybe this is my first time giving a lot of attention to my hair for years :p I swear I never been this diligent, LOL. With my current hair condition (which is healthy and manageable), I don't think I even need to go salon! Hehe. As I often use heating tools, I always try as hard as I can to maintain and take care of my lovely hair. Next time I will do review about my current favorite curling & flat iron *wink ;)

Okay, back to topic.. This is one of my current favorite hair products at the moment! :D
Lucido-L Triple Beauty Vitamin Spray for Damaged Hair Review, Lucidol Orange review

LUCIDO-L Triple Beauty Vitamin Spray for Damaged Hair

With combination of olive oil and Moisturizing Agent helps to make your damaged hair become shiny, smooth and moist. Contains Vitamin A, C and E. Get your perfect beauty hair in one step. Use it regularly for the best result.

Manufactured by: PT. Mandom Indonesia
Content: 200m;

Dengan kombinasi olive oil dan Moisturizing Agent membantu memberikan kilau alami, kelembutan dan kelembapan pada rambut rusakmu. Mengandung Vitamin A, C, and E. Rasakan manfaat hanya dalam satu kali pakai. Gunakan secara teratur untuk hasil terbaik

- Berbahan dasar air, tidak terasa lengket dan berminyak (water based formula), non-sticky and non-oily feeling
- Tidak perlu dibilas / non-rinse item
- Dengan keharuman floral yang lembut / light floral fragrance

For the price, I bought this hair spray in Indomaret for around IDR 35,000 (around $13), quite cheap in my opinion ^.^ If you remember, in 2013 I ever reviewed their LUCIDO-L Hair Vitamin Oil. Both of them works well on my hair, but I prefer this hair spray because it won't cause greasiness on my hair and fingers.

Harga: Aku membelinya dengan harga sekitar Rp. 35.000 di Indomaret.

Ingredients list
Directions / How to Use
Spray onto your hair, mainly to ends of hair. Reapply as needed. No need to rinse-off, can be used on dry or half-dry hair.

It comes in unique spray bottle with lock-system sprayer, so travel friendly! :D This hair spray won't spill out in your purse or bag because its secure lock. Shift the joint to unlock the hair spray and do otherwise to lock it back. Lucido-L Vitamin Spray has 3 variants, for Dry Hair, for Normal Hair and Damaged Hair.

Lucido-L Triple Beauty Vitamin Spray for Damaged Hair Review
how to unlock and use Lucido-L Vitamin Spray
Scent & Texture
It smells so good! Smells so fresh, little bit fruity and sweet ^.^
By spritzing this vitamin spray onto my hair, it also boosts my mood at the same time!
As it claims, it doesn't greasy at all. Has light texture and easy to be absorbed into hair strands ♥

I have been use this Vitamin Spray for 2 months and I LOVE IT! It does helps my hair to get rid of dry, damaged and frizzy hair :D My hair become smoother and more manageable. I use it every time I want, especially after wash and before style my hair ♥

Pros (+)
+ Quite cheap
+ Moisturizing hair well
+ Helps to minimize damage on hair
+ Smells so good
+ Easy to be found in drugstore and local store
+ Comes with lock-system sprayer
+ Not greasy at all, easy to use

Cons (-)

What do you think about this Lucido-L product? Have you tried it? ^.^
Thanks for reading everyone~
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  1. Wahhh, aku sempet mau beli nih pas lihat di Indomaret tapi masih ragu dan kadang masih suka kelupaan ngurus rambut akhirnya gak jadi beli haha. Lihat reviewmu jadi kepikiran lagi Shel mau beli hahaha

    1. iya ci cobain dehh ^^ gampang dicari dan enak bgt dipakenya

  2. Kayaknya boleh dicoba nih :D

    1. Iyaa wajib dicoba ^^ harganya jg terjangkau

  3. ah, km cocok ya ci pke ini. aku dlu pke ini rambutku malah frizzy. entah kenapa.

  4. ah drdl penasaran sm lucido ini, tp blm smpt" nyarinya >_<
    thanks for review ce ..

  5. Hihihi aku juga pakai ini yang Normal Hair :)

    1. *toss
      klo aku srg catok rmbut soalnya, jd pke yg damaged hair ;)

  6. Kalau kyk yg cici pakai cocok untuk rambut rontok ga ? Heheeh :3

    1. Cocok sis, ga ada masalah dgn rmbut rontok kok..
      Tp ini bkn diapply di kulit kepala ya, tp di bagian pangkal n ujung2 rambut :)

  7. Pernah liat review ini dibilang nggak begitu membantu "beresin" rambut. Coba deh nanti kalo oil sm tonicnya udah mau habis salah satu -_-

  8. hallo ka mau saran dong aku ini rambutnya normal aku biasa pake ELLIPS HAIR TREATMENT (pink) sebenernya sih covok banget di aku wangi lagi , tapi aku agak kepo aja sama Lucido ini menurut mba bagusan mana yang spray / oil ? wanginya tahan yang mana? maaf banyak comment hoho tq❤️

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