Friday, April 17, 2015

3CE Fresh Aqua Mist [review]

Hello everyone! It's been a while since my last face mist review :D Today I'm gonna share a short review about my recent face mist. Face Mist is one of my favorite things in skin care regime, because it helps me to feel refresh, hydrated and stay awake. LOL.
Actually I got this face mist last year from my cutie Rini, because I won her giveaway :D Thank you Rini! ♥ 

So.. Let's start with this 3 CONCEPT EYES FRESH AQUA MIST ^.^

3CE Fresh aqua mist, 3 Concept Eyesh Fresh Aqua Mist Review
An aqua mist that provides moisture directly on your dry skin.
It contains mineral-rich glacial milk and mixture of 6 underwater plant extracts, it moisturizes your skin and provides nutrition for healthier skin.

Content: 30ml (mini size)
Price: USD 5 (on 3CE's website)

Pretty Park Sora with 3CE Fresh Aqua Mist :D

3CE Fresh aqua mist, 3 Concept Eyesh Fresh Aqua Mist Review
This face mist comes in black carton-box without any English translation, and packed in travel size of spray bottle. Its bottle is transparent and not so sturdy. As it claims, this mini size is so travel-friendly and would fits into any purse :D

Anyway, this face mist is also available in 100ml size ;)

Ingredients list
Unfortunately it still contains various of Paraben..

Scent & Sensation
Once I spritz this face onto my face, I could smell faint scent of its fragrance. It smells quite fresh and definitely not-overwhelming. It refreshes my skin for seconds and quite hydrating at the same time :)

image src:

As it claims, this face mist isn't sticky, has light texture and could sprays fine water particles :D For further explanation, you may see the image below. See how fine the water particles are.

img src:

3CE Fresh aqua mist, 3 Concept Eyesh Fresh Aqua Mist Review

Overall Thoughts
After using this face mist for some while, I think this face mist does a good job in hydrating and refreshing skin in seconds, but IMHO this face mist isn't really special if compared to other face mists. I mean, this face mist isn't something that have to be inserted to must-have products ^_^;; Moreover, it still contains paraben and I think repurchase this one is currently out of my mind..

Pros (+)
+ Travel-friendly
+ Refreshing & Hydrating enough
+ Quite affordable
+ Subtle fragrance

Cons (-)
- Not paraben-free
- There's no competitive advantage compared to other products in the market

So, have you tried this face mist? What do you think about this product?
What's your current favorite face mist? :D
Thanks for reading xx


  1. I've been looking for a face mist that will moisturise my skin, and this one seems nice. You said there are better ones, which one would you recommend?? Thank you :D

  2. Bedanya sama yg honey mist apaan ya ci? Heheehe :3


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