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Get healthy with HEAVENLY BLUSH Yogurt Drink to Go

Hi everyone! Today I'd share thoughts about my most favorite yogurt drink ^.^ I believe most of you have known about this yogurt brand before, because it's now sold publicly and widely in many markets in Indonesia :D I remember that once Heavenly Blush started their business as frozen yogurt outlet in 2008 (I ever eaten their frozen yogurt once, and I liked it). I don't remember when, but few years ago I couldn't find Heavenly Blush outlets in Surabaya anymore. BUT, in 2014 I met Heavenly Blush Yogurt again inside big fridge in mini market near my home! :O I was like "Hoahhh... Now Heavenly Blush produces their yogurt drink in tetra pack and sell it publicly! So cool!"

Since then, I often buy Heavenly Blush Yogurt ^.^
*It's moment of truth*

I've have been a big fan of yogurt since I was in school! Why? Because it's good for health and I can drink it without feel guilty :D I will explain more about the benefits of yogurt on this post.. First of all I'd like to introduce you more about this yogurt ^.^
Benefits of Yogurt

1. Good for digestive system
Yogurt contains good bacteria that's great for your digestive system (say good bye to constipation!). By consuming yogurt regularly, it will makes our body healthy and keep us away from colon cancer.

2. Yogurt May Help Prevent Osteoporosis
Yogurt is rich with calcium and make our bone's getting stronger. For those of you who suffer lactose intolerance, don't worry because consuming yogurt won't cause you diarrhea or asphyxiate :)

3. Yogurt May Reduce the Risk of High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and Heart Disease
By consuming yogurt daily, it may reduce the risk of cholesterol and high blood pressure because yogurt prevent cholesterol absorption into our blood. The folic acid and vitamin B complex is may prevent coronary heart disease.

4. Neutralize Antibiotic
When we get sick and have to take antibiotic medicine, it won't only kills bacterial pathogens but also good bacteria inside body (that's why we often feel limp and powerless during body recovery). Yogurt may help to increase quantity of good bacteria and speed up recovery process.

5. Maintain Female Organ's Health
Unbalance pH may may cause the growth of bad bacteria. Yogurt may balances pH and contains good bacteria that will fight over bad bacteria inside our body.

Heavenly Blush menciptakan inovasi baru, produk minuman yogurt pertama di Indonesia yang dapat dinikmati dimana dan kapan saja dalam kondisi apapun. Tidak seperti minuman yogurt lain, Heavenly Blush Yogurt Drink To Go tidak harus disimpan di kulkas. Hadir dalam kemasan tetrapack 200 ml yang diproduksi secara aseptis menjadikan Heavenly Blush Yogurt Drink To Go minuman menyehatkan yang tahan lama walaupun dibuat tanpa menggunakan bahan pengawet. 

Dapatkan manfaat susu dalam kesegaran dan kenikmatan yogurt rasa strawberry yang rendah lemak dan tinggi kalsium, dan juga ditambahkan dengan serat prebiotik yang sangat baik untuk kesehatan pencernaan. Nikmati kesegaran strawberry dalam Heavenly Blush Yogurt Drink To Go setiap hari dan jadikan hidup Anda lebih sehat.

Manfaat & Keunggulan : 
1. Hi – Calcium, untuk mendukung gaya hidup aktif Anda!
2. Low Fat – hanya 100 kalori, cocok bagi Anda yang sedang diet!
3. Less Sugar
4. Prebiotik (Inulin & GOS) yang membantu kesehatan pencernaan, menurunkan kolestrol, menstabilkan gula darah dan tekanan darah. 

in Tetra pack packaging, 200ml

1. Peach
Who said that yogurt has very sour taste and not yummy at all? Try this and you'll say otherwise :D
Personally for me, Peach flavor is yummy but not my favorite because it's little bit too sweet in my preference. Can you guess which flavor is my favorite? ^.^

2. Blackcurrant
I think it's my second favorite flavor of them all! It tastes sweet and sour with richness of blackcurrant flavor. Its sweetness and sourness combine nicely!

3. Strawberry
The first flavor that Heavenly Blush released years ago (if I'm not mistaken, Heavenly Blush Yogurt To Go has been distributed in Indonesia since 2013, please CMIIW), and still being my TOP favorite flavor among these three flavors ^.^ It tastes not too sweet yet not too sour, JUST PERFECT!

WHY Heavenly Blush?
  1. Convenient and travel friendly
  2. No need to be stored inside fridge
  3. Contains Hi-calcium
  4. Low Fat (Yay for diet!)
  5. Less Sugar, keep us away from Diabetes
  6. Source of Fiber (makes our body healthier day by day)
  7. Not too sour and tastes YUMMY!

Anyway, I'm not being paid to write this post and this is my very personal opinion. I love Heavenly Blush and I'm a loyal customer of Heavenly Blush ;)

So what are you waiting for? Drink yogurt and get healthy now!


  1. Paling suka yang stoberi jugaaa :D *tos*

  2. I actually hate liquid yogurt, but this one seems yummy~ ahahaha

  3. the packages makes them look really yummy!


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