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I promptly write this post because this is an interesting trend. Really.
Have you heard about LIPS ENHANCER? Yes, a device that will help you to achieve fuller and plumper lips. I notice there are few online stores that sell this product and I found out this product is... unique, but relatively unnecessary for people who have no interest in fuller lips, in order to make their lips' appearance look better and seductive.

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Basically it's a device that will helps you to achieve fuller and plumper lips, and the effect is only temporary. What you need to do is only gently SUCK IT ON YOUR LIPS for few seconds, and voila! You will get fuller lips in only couple of seconds. Of course the result is depending on how long and how hard you suck the lip plumper device.

Pada dasarnya Lips Enhancer adalah alat yang berguna untuk mendapatkan bibir yang tampak lebih "penuh" dan tebal, tapi efeknya hanya sementara. Yang perlu dilakukan hanyalah dengan meletakkan alat tersebut di bibir dan menyedotnya secara perlahan selama beberapa detik dan voila! Kalian akan mendapatkan bibir yang nampak "penuh" hanya dalam hitungan puluhan detik. Tetapi tentu saja efeknya tergantung pada seberapa keras dan lama kalian menyedot alat tersebut.

Currently there are some lip plumper devices in the market:

Product Name: Fullips Lips Enhancer
Product Name: Lip Pump Plumper
eBay or Aliexpress

Product Name: Candylipz

Product name: Liptiful
Kandee Johnson said the lip plumping effect could lasts for 1-2 days

And this is probably the most famous lip plumper device nowadays (even in Indonesia):
FULLIPS Lips Enhancer

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Price: $19.99 for each and $49.99 for three

Details from Fullips' website:
Large Round, Medium Oval, and Small Oval Lip Enhancers giving you full flexibility to really target specific areas or obtain an overall lip fullness.
  • Large Round allows you to achieve an overall lip fullness encompassing both the top and bottom lips.
  • Medium Oval allows you to target larger areas of your lips at a time.  Also is good for women with smaller mouths, or thin lips.
  • Small Oval allows you to really pinpoint and target specific areas of your lips for shaping and evening out the lip line.
Combine all three and be ready for any party or event.

UPDATE: Di Indonesia, 1 buah Fullips dijual dengan harga Rp 350.000 dan 3 buah Fullips dijual dengan harga Rp 900.000. Di Instagram banyak yang jual kalau berminat coba :p


1. The lip plumping/enhancing trend supposedly affected or inspired by Kylie Jenner's full lips.
Kylie hasn't admitted to using any lip plumping devices or injections, but she credits makeup for giving her that enhanced pucker. Source
Kylie Jenner's massive pout

2. Netizen post photos or videos of themselves doing Kylie Jenner Challenge on internet
Just like Ice Bucket Challenge trend which was trending last year, in this #KylieJennerChallenge all you need to do is replace lip plumper device with a shot glass. Yes, you may join this challenge as well, if you want. Keep in mind that doing this challenge could be risky. The glass isn’t flexible enough and the shot glass can break under all the pressure, causing serious injuries.

You have been warned.. do this challenge at your risk.

Taking #kyliejennerchallenge is like screwing your lips. Some people experienced extreme swelling, major bruising, severe cuts, and more Dermatological surgeon, Dr. Dendy Engelman, told Seventeen, “Not only can significant pain, swelling, and bruising result from these suction techniques, but there is potential risk for scarring and permanent disfigurement with repeated attempts.”

3. Linda Gomez, the founder of Fullips, using this product daily.
She found this product is useful for her, as well as her daughter. So she patented Fullips and getting these to the market. After tried all sizes and shapes, and after much trial and error, she narrowed it down to three that work best.
Linda Gomez. Image source:

4. The lip enhancer could be disaster. So you should prepare for the worst.
In choosing right tool to enhance your lips is important.. 
PS: I'm not saying that you should use Fullips, but I do think the the shape of Candylipz (lip enhancer device that used on this video) is too round and unfortunately made this girl's lips swollen massively.

5. Teen girl dies after her lips explode from doing the #KylieJennerChallenge
Based on news 22 April 2015, a girl dies after did #KylieJennerChallenge.. OMG poor girl..

Kylie Jenner Challenge victim

"Lip-X-plosion - Iowa teen has her lips blown off after following new, dangerous lip trend.  

At 6 o' clock this morning, a 911 call was placed from Davenport, Iowa. On the phone was a mother who claimed her daughter "had no lips" and was "losing a lot of blood". An ambulance was dispatched and took the 14 year old girl to hospital where doctors concluded that her lips had actually exploded. At first doctors were puzzled as to what had caused the rupturing of the girl's lips, but once she had awoken from unconciousness, she was able to write down what happened.

It turned out that the girl had been trying a self-induced kind of cosmetic surgery, one where you insert your lips in to a bottle or similar object, and apply suction so as to make blood collect in the lips. This causes the lips to become engorged and appear much larger. This procedure has been named the Kyle Jenner Challenge due to the stars characteristically large lips. Thousands of teens are performing this dangerous lip suction in the hopes of looking like their idol, and sharing it on their social medias.

The 14 year old who for hours drifted between conciousness and unconciusness was later declared dead as her blood loss was to dire to replenish.

Doctors are now advising everyone to stop performing the #KyleJennerChallenge immediately and urge any one who has already done it to seek medical attention. "


Anyway, for your consideration you may watch these videos and reviews:




My thoughts about this trend...
  • Based on what I read in several reviews and articles, the lip plumper/lip enhancer will actually promotes blood circulation therefore making lips appear fuller. This tool will literally swell up your lips and your lips will look fuller and plumper.
  • To be frank, I think this idea is genius and ridiculous at the same time. Genius for those of you who love fuller lips instantly without lip injection. Ridiculous for those of you who doesn't care about the size of your lips. And I'm in the side that consider this tool is ridiculous, impulsive and unnecessary. Spending 20 bucks for swelling lips? I don't think that is everyone's cup of tea..
  • So far I find out this kind of device isn't harmful. It's quite safe, as long as you use reliable devices that sold in the market, they're relatively softer than glass or bottle and not damaging your lips too much. 
  • #KylieJennerChallenge is stupid and not worth the sacrifice.
  • I'm literally not interested to follow this trend, because I'm content with the shape of my lips. Even if one day I want to achieve fuller lips, I'll surely opt to use makeup instead of lip enhancer device :)

So what do you think about this trend?
Are you going to try this lip enhancer product?
Thanks for reading! :)

Disclaimer: I'm not being sponsored to write this post and I'm not affiliated with any of companies that I've mentioned.


  1. Keseringan pake ini bakal bibir jadi lebih dower beneran ga sii?
    Itu kulit disekitar bibir kn juga jadi sering ketarik yaa..
    Jadi takut pakenya, meskipun bibirku uda cukup tebel

    Sylvia's World

    1. Mungkin ya.. Ga tau jg sih nantinya bs dower permanen ato ngga XD serem tapi klo hasil dowernya nanti ternyata ga sesuai harapan..

  2. Aku pernah nih,iseng. Pake tutup foundation kan plastik tuh, jadi ga takut ga bs kecabut.
    It works, tapi hasilnya.......................................aku lebih prefer bentuk asli bibirku.
    Nggak semua orang cocok bibirnya besar.

    1. LOL aku ga brani coba dit XD
      Iya setuju, ga setiap org cocok bibirnya tebel

  3. "#KylieJennerChallenge is stupid" -- Totally agree with you shel! :D

  4. yang bibirnya tebel aja pengen ditipisin. Kalo ini.. Makin tebel dong :P

    1. Kalo udah tebel ya ga perlu pke alat ini XD

  5. yang bibirnya tebel aja pengen ditipisin.. Repot deh :P

  6. Aku sih pengen nyoba Shel kalo ada yang jual dgn harga yang lebih masuk akal. Tapi seandainya gak kesampean juga ya gapapa, gak bakal kebawa mimpi hehehe

    1. Your lips size and shape is nice already, mba Esy ^^
      Tp penasaran jg pgn liat gmn hasilnya klo mba yg pake hehe

  7. That's... weird XD I have lips that I would like the upper lip to be plumper.
    But I wouldn't use this. I think those over plump lips just look dumb.

    1. I think you only need to suck it for few seconds if you want to achieve natural plumper lips ^^

  8. Ya ampuun, ada ada aja yaa. Aku malah pengen punya bibir tipis, pake lipstick gonjreng aman kayaknya klo bibir tipis..tsaaah dasar manusia

    1. Dasar manusia :p hehehe
      Iya sih, aku klo pke lipstick gonjreg ga terlalu noticeable

  9. >_< Bibir aku udah tebel... *bersyukur. hihihiii..
    Ternyata bibir tipis juga nggak pede yah, pengen ditebelin. Hihi

  10. This trend is freaking me out to be honest......In my opinion, full lips aren't more attractive than smaller lips, I seriously believe they are equally pretty, it all depends on the overall combination of the facial features.

  11. I think lip plumping is really dangerous and people shouldn't do it. If people want fuller lips, use lip liner or get plastic surgery.

    1. Hmm plastic surgery isn't the safest option either. I think lip plumper device is quite safe, as long as you choose right device and not suck it too long :D

  12. WKWKWK pa kabar bibirku, dari lahir dah terlalu plump malah XD

    1. Hahaha.. Your lips size and shape is ideal already git ^^

  13. wkwkwk aku baru tau ada beginian~

  14. Tren ini ngeri ya. Banyak yg pake benda aneh-aneh biar dapet bentuk bibir yg penuh

  15. Waduh mahal gilakk 350rb, pake tutup botol aja.. murah... LOL ๐Ÿ˜


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