Thursday, October 9, 2014

Girl's Generation TTS - HOLLER ♥ Makeup Collaboration & Video Tutorial ♥

Hello everyone!! ^___^
It's been a while since my last makeup collaboration, isn't it?
Finally I did another collab with my fellow beauty bloggers hehe

And know we're going to show you our makeup about...
Can you guess? Yap, it's from Girl's Generation a.k.a SNSD 소녀시대, their sub-unit named TTS recently released new mini album with Holler as their main title :)

TaeTiSeo 태티서 / TTS - "HOLLER"

Despite of their current internal problem (Jessica is no longer SNSD member and there's a quite complicated reason behind it T____T), I still love them anyway.. SONE always being SONE forever..

Anyway, I'm fascinated by their beauty.. They're always so gorgeous and beautiful, aren't they? 
Don't you curious with my collaboration mates? ^_^

Uhmm.. for some reasons I decided to make video tutorial ^^
Sorry for the bad lighting T__T I'm so hopeless with my indoor lighting..
But, hopefully you can enjoy it ^___^

There is a short story behind its process.. To create and edit this video really needs effort and struggle, because I need 2 hours of recording session and 2 hours of editing session. When I was about to render the video result, suddenly the video files corrupted and POP! Everything's gone...

....I shocked and almost wanted to cry..
Because making a video isn't easy and I don't sure I have sufficient time to make another video tutorial..

I tried my best to recover those videos TT___TT I googled, tested and tried several software with no result.
I almost gave up, but God is good! Hehe. Finally I found a very useful software to recover lost-memory / formatted memory card! >____<;; My video files are saved!! Thanks for that useful software!
Gonna blog about it soon ^^ 


I'm so sorry.. This was my very first created makeup video tutorial and I was kinda nervous and it really took time to make it well >__< I admitted that I made several makeup mistakes on that video tutorial, like:
- I made my eyebrow too bold
- I forgot to conceal my blemishes

(I swear I didn't do it on purpose T__T)

 Products that I used
for this makeup inspired look:

Tony Moly Luminous Baby Aura CC Balm
Maybelline White Superfresh Cake Powder
Revlon Photoready Concealer
ELF Golden Bronzer
Lovely Cookie Blusher #5

Sleek Palette - RIO RIO
Tony Moly Backstage Eyeliner
D'eyeko False Lashes - Cherrybelle Love is You

Nivea Lip Balm
Etude House Kissful Lip Concealer
Etude House Rosy Tint Lips

(the products above are clickable ^^)

Sooo... What do you think? :D
I'm really sorry for my amateur video tutorial T___T
I promise I will do better next time! 

Kindly visit my collaboration mates' blog: RINI and ELLEN 

Please check out their posts as well ^^

Taeyeon - Rini
Seohyun - Ellen Tan

Thanks for reading (and watching) everyone :3
See you very soon! 


  1. Cantik Vee..
    Bibirnya aja kurang ngepink xD

    1. iya ya kurang pink dikit >.< klo di kamera ga gt keliatan ternyata
      thank you rinii cantik <3

  2. Cute banget !♥♥
    Baguss eye makeupnyaa..

  3. bagussss... eyemakeup nya oke hihihi.. :))

    1. Msh ada byk kekurangan nih >.< thank you ya ♥

  4. cantikkk vee,,, suka banget sama muka kamu imut hihi

  5. Kawaii cc :;)
    untg bgt ya bs balik itu video, kalo ga bs nangis beneran deh hehe

  6. So cute ^^

    恵美より ♥


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