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Sweet Macaron Lip Balm by Little Baby [review]

Hello everyone!
Several weeks ago, I received a lot products of Little Baby products for review purpose, provided by @ayako_beautyshop88 (Instagram), the official distributor of Little Baby Thailand ^_^ Thanks a lot! I will be reviewing them one by one, started by this Sweet Macaron Lip Balm :3

At first, I'm not really familiar to this brand. I know a quite few of Thailand skincare brands, including this Little Baby (but I only know its name and never tried any of them :)) But now, my curiosity towards their quality would be answered little by little, hehe..

sweet macaron lip balm little baby
It comes in small silver jar, with cute macarons sticker on the top.
Hmm.. actually I don't really like this kind of packaging.. Because I have to dip my finger to obtain the balm >___< so unhygienic. But lately I used to use an useful trick, I kiss the lip balm directly on the jar :3 LOL. Problem solved.

Commercial pictures:
lip balm thailand
Only available in one variant. Unfortunately it's not a tinted lip balm. I thought it's a tinted one ._.
I think it's useful to moisture lips and make it look healthier, and more radiant.

- Prevent fine lines
- Nourish co-enxyme Q-10
- Prevent strengthen (??)
- Protects skin from free radicals
- Lock in moisture

FDA registered

- Mangifolia Tree Nut
- Co enxyme Q10
- Castor Oil
- Sunflower Seed Oil
- Vitamin C&E

the promotional poster, I guess
Looking for Little Baby's products information is quite perplexing :s
Everything is in Thailand Language T__T It's not easy to look for English descriptions of Thailand skincare products

The ingredients list (komposisi)
content: 10g

Price / Harga: IDR 
(you can ask the price directly to @ayako_beautyshop88 on IG)

front & behind
I don't understand the meaning of numbers behind the packaging. Is is manufacture code or something? Or might be manufacture date? --> 240714

Scent & Texture
Its scent is like sweets ^_^ not too strong and enjoyable.
Its texture is quite thick and solid, like a wax. Not so easy to obtain the lip balm using finger, because of its texture. That's why I prefer to kiss the lip balm directly, no need to use my finger :p hehe.

Non-colored Lip Balm
Like I said, this lip balm has no color. That's why I don't include any swatch on this review. Once I apply it onto my lips, it will moisture my lips and gives healthy look :) After all, I think its moisture level is not bad, and it could lasts for around 3-4 hours on my lips without eating.

Pros (+)
+ Contains many benefit for lips
+ Nice scent
+ Makes lips become healthier

Cons (-)
- Quite pricey for 10gr size
- Unhygienic packaging
- Has no color (I wish it's a pink tinted lip balm T_T)


This product is certainly not one of my favorites from Little Baby ^.^;;
BUT! Don't worry, more reviews will be coming very soon.

You can buy / shop LITTLE BABY products here

Ayako Beauty Shop
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Thanks for reading everyone :)
Have a nice weekend!


  1. ouw such a cute packaging =3

  2. I'm currently struggling with Innisfree lip butter because it's packaging is the same like this one hahaha~

    You said that it's solid like wax? O__O is it moisturizing enough?

    1. Oh really? Actually I prefer regular lip balm packaging XD yes, it's solid like wax >_< unforunately its moisture level is't as good as I thought

  3. does it make your lips pinker? or is it just to moiusturize your lips?

  4. warnanya pink tapi kalo dipake jadi transparan ya?

  5. kalo beli sekedar lip balm emg syg ya ce kalo mahal" >_<
    dari namanya aku kira packagingnya bakal persis kaya macaron @@

  6. really cute packaging!!! anyway, does it make your lips dry?

  7. how can i order? i am interesting to buy the macaron lip balm.
    please reply me for more detail. i live in United States.


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