Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sneak Peek: Miracle Aesthetic Clinic Tunjungan Plaza

Hello everyone :) On 2 April 2014, I got a chance to visit one of the famous aesthetic clinics in Indonesia, Miracle Aesthetic Clinic. I believe some of you have ever heard about this clinic, at least once :) I will show you the Miracle Aesthetic Clinic branch TP in this short post!

Miracle has some branches in Surabaya, including this clinic :)
Since it's established in a Mall, it has smaller place compared to other Miracle's clinic branches.
The location is so convenient :D

Let me show you the treatment rooms ^_^

This outlet only provides few rooms as treatment purpose, I think you should make an appointment first before come to this clinic :) For efficiency matter.

The rooms inside are pretty simple and cozy

The machines and wall-hangings

Display of Miracle's skincare products. For your information, main skincare products of Miracle comes from brand TDF. What is TDF? TDF is Therapeutic Dermatologic Formula, a skincare brand from USA.
You might not familiar with TDF, well... me either! :p
This was the first time I heard a brand named TDF. In Indonesia, only Miracle that has official license to distribute TDF products :) So most likely you can't find this skincare brand outside Miracle.

Of course Miracle also has concoction creams for their customers (a.k.a krim racikan dokter), it depends to the aesthetic doctors' prescription ^_^

Miracle's book

Miracle's brochures

I also had chance to have quick consultation with the doctors-on-duty at the moment ^_^
After nice chit-chat, we decided to make another upcoming appointment.

Took a picture with Jennie, branch manager and one of aesthetic doctors in Miracle TP. Thank you for Jennie who has invited me to visit this clinic :D

Miracle Aesthetic Clinic
Tunjungan Plaza
Tunjungan Plaza
TP-IV 4th floor 4.04-06
Jl. Basuki Rahmat
+62-31 545 2797

Thanks for reading and see you soon! :)


  1. Interesting ^^

    Looking forward on your facial experience!

    恵美より ♥

  2. ini ada di jogja apa semarang juga keknya, mau kesana tapi takut nek mahal banget.

    range pricenya gimana shel?

    1. Kalo detail harganya hrs ditanyakan lgs ke counter nya, krn ga ada pricelistnya gitu :)
      Kalo di sini, above 250rb untuk facialnya ^.^;


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