Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sky Soul Brown Contact Lens [review]

Hello ^-^ It's been a while since my last review.. hehe
Have you ever heard about a contact lens named Sky Soul? :D Few weeks ago, I was in urge to buy new contact lens (since my eyes are sensitive enough, I can't wear same lens more than 4 months) and the fastest way to obtain contact lens is.. buy it through nearest optic store :p

For me, that was also my first time to know the Sky Soul brand.
Plain black box, with flowery accent. It also comes with free lens cases!
The contact lens is wrapped in blister packaging :)

Sky Soul contact lenses feature the latest range of fashion colors to create the look you desire. Made with high quality ingredients and designed for maximum comfort.
Sky Soul is the first choice in colored contact lenses.

2 Colored Soft contact lenses
(PolyHema 45%, Water 55%) in sterile buffered saline, UV protection

Water content: 55%
Diameter: 16mm

Manufactur: Gelflex Laboratiories
Made in Australia

I wish I have normal vision, so I won't rely on glasses and contact lens forever *sob*
If you have normal vision, BE GRATEFUL! :)

This contact lens is unbelievably cheap!! Do you believe that I bought this contact lens with only IDR 65.000?? O_O Yes, I also doubted this lens at first...

I got mine in Brown. If you see through its blister, you may see its color is quite light and clear.
FYI, I don't like to use bright colored lens >__< Well, let's see!

Descriptions and directions in Bahasa Indonesia

Its pattern isn't so extraordinary. You might have seen some contact lenses that have similar pattern with this one ^.^ We'll, I love any contact lenses which has outer ring (because it will give enlargement effect).

This contact lens blends very well onto my real iris ^___^
So natural and I love how it looks on my eyes ;) 

My eyes become so lively and pretty, aren't they? :3 hehe

+ Natural color & pattern
+ Suitable for everyday
+ Quite comfy (around 4-7 hours)
+ Comes in blister packaging
+ Available in many colors

- Not available in every optic stores


Okay, I think that's all ^.^
Thanks for reading and see ya on my next post! 


  1. Tipis nggak ini say? Ngganjel gitu ga dipakenya?

    Ini bisa dibeli di Optik mana aja atau di optik2 ternama doang? Produsennya sama kayak New Look anyway :))

    1. Standar sih, ga gt tipis, tp jg ga tebel ^^ Kalo di aku sih ngga ngganjel hehe
      Aku beli di optik yg ga ternama sih XD optik yg deket sama tmpt aku tinggal

  2. Oh soooo sweet!! And lovely! So cute on you ^^

    恵美より ♥

  3. omoo~~ cute banget soflensnya, beli di optik mana, ci? :p

    1. aku bli di optik yg ada di dlm cito, dktnya 21 :p hehehe

  4. suka motif sama warnanya.... pretty... ;)

  5. ih murah, bagus lagi kak warnanya dan jadi makin cantik keliatannya.. :D

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