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J-drama: Ama-chan あまちゃん [review]

I guess it's been a while since my last dorama (term for Japanese drama), I will share to you what's my current favorite dorama right now! ^.^ 
Well, you can tell from the title.. It's "Ama-chan" or あまちゃん

Title: Ama-chan あまちゃん
Starring by: Nounen Rena (Amano Aki),  Koizumi Kyoko (Amano Haruko), Miyamoto Nobuko (Amano Haruko), Koike Teppei (Adachi Hiroshi), Hashimoto Ai (Adachi Yui)
Number of episodes: 156
Running time: 15 minutes
Original channel: NHK
Original run: April 1, 2013 - September 28, 2013

It's being one of most hyped dorama in Japan since 2013! This dorama also being famous nowadays because it's currently broadcasted in Indonesia by Waku Waku Japan ^_^
You might wonder what's Ama-san? Ama-san is a woman diver from Japan, in Korea you might familiar with Haenyo :)

Amachan Storyline:
Haruko Amano left the small northern seaside town of Sodegahama 24 years ago and has not returned since. When her childhood friend Daikichi emails her with news that her mother has collapsed, she rushes back with her 16-year-old daughter Aki in tow. It was all a ruse, however: Haruko's mother Natsu is fine.
Sodegahama depends on the ama, the women who dive for sea urchins (uni) and shellfish, as a tourist attraction. With all the ama over 50, Daikichi was hoping to convince Haruko to start diving. Haruko refuses, but Aki, who was a shy and gloomy girl in Tokyo, suddenly brightens and declares she wants to be an ama. Amachan is a story about Aki's journey to be a real Ama-san! :)
(credit: dramawiki)

In Japan, Amachan's rating was amazing! Earning an average 20.6% rating over the span of the series, and took the second position of the highest ranking drama in Japan! O_O
However, Amachan is the one of the most phenomenal and influential dramas in Japan, the series also gave birth to such popular new phrases as "Jejeje" / じぇじぇじぇ

Jejeje indicates surprise situation in Tohoku accent, the more "Je" means the more you get surprised! XD

I haven't finished this drama yet, and I just watched 36 early episodes of this drama ^_^
I need to say that this drama is really good! I love the simple story line, uniqueness of each character and warmth of Sodegahama citizen ;)

If I'm allowed to describe some Amachan's characters in sentences, it might be like this:

1. Amano Aki: innocent, and cheerful girl (she used to be a gloomy girl in Tokyo). She loves sea and uni so much. She loves Ama-san tachi, she is so lovable and everyone will instantly fall in love with her character ^_^
2. Amano Haruko: she is such a rebel daughter, selfish woman and protective mom at the same time. She is a popular in Sodegahama since she's in high school. She is not a perfect mother, but she loves her daughter beyond your imagination
3. Amano Natsu: a lady who loves the countryside with all her heart. Her health is very good. She loves to dive, catch uni, cooking and earn money. Somehow she looks so apathetic, but deep inside her heart, she has warmth heart and loving her family unconditionally.
4. Adachi Yui: Aki's best friend that has cool and unpredictable personality. She is a very nice friend and lovable girl. Being an Miss Kitatetsu didn't change her personality, she's still down to earth, and inspiring.
5. Adachi Hiroshi: He used to be an unemployed man without vision, but after he fallen in love with Aki, he becomes so different. He becomes so lively, eager to work hard and become more honest to himself

What I love from Ama-chan NHK TV Series:
+ It's entertaining, and inspiring
+ Unique story idea
+ Nice story line
+ Unpredictable plot
+ Introducing more Japanese culture (especially Tohoku region) to international audiences
+ Contains moral lessons
+ Short duration for each episode (15 mins)

If you are live in Indonesia, you also can watch this series ^_^
Ama-chan airing schedule in Waku Waku Japan (Monday - Saturday):
 07.00 - 07.15 WIB 
 09.00 - 09.15 WIB 
 15.00 - 15.15 WIB 
Waku Waku Japan is available in Indovision, First Media and Okevision :)

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Anyway, I have a good news for you!
Do you wanna go to Japan? JIBTV is currently looking for Amachan's reporters! ^___^
For further info, click HERE

Anyway for your information, I'm not being paid to make this post nor get affiliated with JIBTV or Waku Waku Japan. This post is purely posted due to my affection toward Ama-chan series :)
The deadline is 13 April 2014, so you better hurry up!
(*____*) Wish me luck!


  1. this is very nice drama and my fav.. first time watch it in Waku-waku Japan.. first time im not interested, but after time by time i can't stop watch this.. i search this drama and watch online.. this drama is super..

  2. i just read that you just watch 36 episode ? you must be continue until finish. It has 150++ episode, you will no regret after watch all of this

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