Thursday, February 27, 2014

IBB Makeup Challenge February 2014 ~ Summer Fairytale

Hellooo my lovelies!
I present to you my another makeup look for 
Indonesian Beauty Blogger Make Up Challenge February 2014 \(^___^)/
The theme is "Summer Fairytale" and here is my 2nd submission for this current IBB MUC 
My 1st submission was "Anna Frozen Makeup Look Tutorial" :p

Once upon a time~
There is a Summer Flower Goddess in this earth, she is being in duty to guard and maintain the flowers in every flower field especially every Summer. 
She creates flowers and help them grow stronger and prettier day by day.
The only power she owns is love. She loves flower, because they beautify this earth with their presences. She's little bit sad because humankind like to exploit flowers for their own benefit.
Would you help her to guard and maintain flowers in your city? Much better if you plant more flowers in your yard :) Let's guard flowers together with our sincere love 

My EOTD's details ^^ (before I decorate my eyes area)

I didn't use bold eye shadow because I wanted to keep this makeup look natural and clean :)

Mestinya itu kombinasi eyeshadow orange - yellow - green, tapi entah kenapa green nya dari jauh kok malah jadi kayak blue-ish gitu yah '___'
Anyway I made this flower crown by myself, sorry if it looks a bit messy XD

 Please excuse my dark eyebrow ;___; I wish I have a eyebrow-mascara product like Color my Brow or such. Actually I have tried to cover up my natural eyebrow with BB cream (and I was intended to re-draw it with lighter eyebrow color), but it doesn't work for sure :(

"Let's plant more flowers and treat them well, shall we? Let's create a better earth for everyone" she said ^^

peralatan perang :p

Makeup products that I used:

★ Face ★ 
Etude House Sunprise Cotton Touch Powder Cream
Etude House Precious Mineral BB Bright Fit
Etude House Surprise Concealer Kit #01 flaw coverage
Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher
Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Powder
ELF Golden Bronzer

★ Eyes ★ 
Etude House Easy Brow Pencil #02
Etude House Bling Bling Eye Stick #silver
Tony Moly Berry Lovely Girl Eye Primer
L.A. Colors Artist Eye Palette 50 eyeshadows
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil #strawberry Milk
Mizzu Eyeliner (brown) & Mizzu Mascara
D'eyeko Love Is You False Lashes
Ultraflesh Shinebox (all over shimmer) #nude shimmer

★ Lips 
Nivea Lip Balm
Etude House Kissful Lip Concealer
Etude House Dear Darling Neon Tint #orange

★ Softlens / Contact Lens 
I used Ageha Softlens Super Big Gray by Japan Softlens :)

This look is submitted for Indonesian Beauty Blogger's MUC February 2014
Wish me luck ^^ 

What do you think about my second makeup look?
Thanks for reading 


  1. Aaawwww... ini siyh perii sungguhaaannnn .

    Cantiiikkkkkkkk xD

    1. sebenernya ini konsepnya mau dibikin jd goddess sih, soalnya klo peri/elf kupingnya kan hrs dibikin runcing XD hihi, thank you dear ^_^

  2. OMG sumpah cantik bangeeet ce *o* Good luck yaaaa ^^

  3. Cantik bangett nonn♥♥♥
    Mirip ama cc buat looo.. sehati kayaknyaa... hihi...nnti br sempat post..
    Good luck cantikk(^3^)

    1. thank youu ce ^_^
      wooiyaa? O_O *toss
      good luck for us then <3 <3

  4. aww.. cute banget, ce ^^

  5. gorgeouss vee! good luck yaah,,, :D

  6. cantiknya vee :D
    good luck yaaaa ~

  7. Cucoook abis ini vee.. suksees ya.. summer abis look kali ini..

    1. thank youu Dine & Aisah ^^ syukurlahh klo konsepnya masuk hehe

  8. Ve..kamu mirip peri loh.
    Mahkota bunganya bikin sendirikah?? Bagus banget!

  9. cantik shelll~ good luck semoga menang ^^

  10. cakep shel :D penasaran itu bunganya pake apaan .__.

    1. thank youu del :3
      hahaha itu flower crownnya bikin sendiri XD

  11. Keren Vee yang ini. Aku baru lihat postmu T_T
    Sumpah keren banget look yang kedua ini Vee ♥♥♥
    Good luck princess ^_^

    1. >w< makasihh ci, masih belum pede haha
      good luck for us ♥♥

  12. You look so lovely... like a real fairy sweetie! ^^

    ❤ ✿ NEW POST ✿ ❤

  13. cantik banget. Make up dan style cocok banget sama kamu XD XD


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