Thursday, May 31, 2012

NYX Mega Shine Lip gloss [review]

Hello~ I'm back again :D
This is one of my favorite lip gloss ^^ I'm pretty sure that some of you already knew about this product :D This is Megashine Lip Gloss from NYX.

Mine is in Beige (LG129) :D

What I love about this lip gloss are the color is pretty, opaque, not too shiny (don't too worry about the "MEGA shine" XD), affordable and available in 50 shades!! :3
If you don't like the glossy effect after used this lip gloss, you can blot your lips with tissue to achieve more natural look ;)

If you want to check their colors out, you can see this page :D

Personally I love this lip gloss and I love this color :3 
really looks natural for my face without "too much" effect ^^
I usually use this lip gloss for hang out with my friends or special occasion ;)

What I love <3
+ available in 50 colors
+ opaque color
+ natural color (beige)
+ affordable! ($5,5 in NYX website)
+ pleasant scent :)

What I hate </3
- only stays for 2-3 on my lips

Rating: 4.5/5

Repurchase? Oh yeahh! =P

Have you tried this megashine lipgloss? please let me know what are the colors of your own ^___^
Thanks for reading :)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Etude House Eye's Cream Vanilla Moist [review]

Hello ladies :D how's your day? Hope it's been pretty good ^^
This is Eye's Cream in Vanilla Moist from Etude House.
I bought this two months ago.. on my March Haul..
Beside of Vanilla Moist, there is Mint's Cooling..

the package.. just in case you can read 한글 ^^

Eye cream stick with a moisturizing, brightening and anti-wrinkle formula to promote youthful skin around the eyes :) 

It comes with lid on the top

compared with my NYX stick blush.. The size is pretty similar isn't it? XD

The texture of this Eye's cream is like a balm, smooth and glide smoothly on my eye area :) Doesn't has strange scent. But I didn't feel any difference on my eye area.. (apa memang krn ini kebanyakan begadang jd ga ngefek? ><)..

What I love <3
+ Quite moisture my eye area
+ Doesn't has strange scent
+ Easy to carry

What I hate </3
- Didn't work for my dark circle

Rating: 2.5/5

Repurchase? No >.< This product isn't for me..

Have you tried this eye's cream? Is this product works for you? :)
Thanks for reading ^^

Friday, May 25, 2012

I'm going to Seoul! + Info

Wohooooooo... Next month, less than 25 days again, I'll be there.. In Korea! In SEOUL! XD South Korea!!! <3 <3 <3
I'm so excited to go to there ^^ I'll have vacation with my friends and really can't wait! <3
I'll have 6 days trip, 4 days and 6 nights.. I think this is will be super tiring trip because I will spend more than 12 hours in airport for transit! T_T Please tell me some ideas how to overcome this boredom while waiting in airport >.<


I open a Pre Order for Korean Cosmetics.. 
The prices are cheaper than normal price (in online shop) and discount up to 20% ^^
Yang mau nitip2 kosmetik silahkan aja yaaa =D Jangan lupa infonya yang lengkap
Aku baru saja menyelesaikan pricelist untuk Etude ^^ (fiuhh.. really need a lot of time to browsing etude website and decide prices @_@)

Yang mau dikirimin pricelistnya, silahkan leave comment di bawah ini e-mail kalian yah :)

Kalo ada pertanyaan, silahkan kirim e-mail ke ^^

Thank you for your attention :D

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque [review]

Hi everyone :) Have you tried Mint Julep Masque from Queen Helene?
I was tempted to try this mask because my favorite beauty guru, bubzbeauty and melodee recommend it as great mask to helps dry up acne pimples, rinse away blackheads & shrink enlarged pores..

it contains 226.8 gr or 8 oz.. quite big.. with reasonable price..
I bought it for around $11-13 or IDR 110,000

okay.. this product contains paraben.. *okayface*

It has mint scent.. :D not strong fragrance.. so don't worry..

Made in USA

I bought this because I heard this product could helps to reduce blackhead and whitehead.. so I only use this for my nose area...

please ignore my horrible bangs.. i just washed my face so my bangs was getting wet :P LOL
And sorry for my tired face and my darkcircles T_____T

are you ready for my final verdict? :p


So... I have tried this Mint Julep Masque for 4 times before write this review. 
So far.. there's no break out on my skin.. This mask dries quickly and before rinse it off, I always do gentle massage for better result :)

For me, this product is not works well as I expected before.. :((
My blackheads and whiteheads are still there.. 
They just became less visible after I rinsed my face, but at next day.. still same..
This mask didn't do any significant transformation for my face...
I ever tried this mask to dry up my pimple.. It quite works.. but not amazingly...

What I love
+ It dries my pimples
+ nice scent
+ can shrink enlarged pores

What I hate </3
- This mask didn't works well for my blackhead and whiteheads </3

Rating: 2/5

Repurchase: No... </3

Have you tried this mask? >_____<

PS: Honestly, I don't have any serious problems for my face.. My face is not oily and not have serious problem with pimples.. my main problem are blackhead, whiteheads and dark circle =____= Oh i wish someone could tell me how to reduce my dark circles, my blackheads and whiteheads.. TT__TT

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Nivea Happy Time Body Lotion [review]

Hi everyone ^^ how's your day?
Today i would like to share my review about Nivea Happy Time Body Lotion =)
Honestly i'm not a fan of Body Lotion 
(usually I'm too lazy to use body lotion after take a bath XD)
But, since my skin is dry, i should change my habit and try to use body lotion frequently after take a bath :p
This product is from my last March Haul.
Nivea is a brand from Germany, and this one is produced in Indonesia.
Happy Time Body Lotion - Feel Good Sensation Bamboo - Milk

 The description: Rasakan wangi yang memberi inspirasi dan nikmati perawatan yang memberikan sensasi tahan lama. Untuk kulit normal hingga kulit kering.
Diperkaya dengan Ekstrak Bambu dan Milk Protein melembapkan kulit secara intensif selama 24 jam dan melindungi kulit. Wangi Orange Flower membuat anda terasa segar dan terlindungi sepanjang hari. Dermatologi tested.

Well, I bought this because I love its scent :) Feel so good after use this body lotion XD and this body lotion works well to moisture my dry skin. They claim that this body lotion will gives 24 hours moisturizing, but i don't think so..

What I love <3
+ easy to get (in drugstore or supermarket)
+ cheap
+ easy to absorb
+ nice scent (not too strong)
+ quite moisturizing my skin
+ makes my skin smoother

What I hate </3
- not last longer (not 24 hours moisturizing)
- not too special

Rating: 3.5/5

Repurchase? Maybe..

Have you tried this one? :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

FOTD: Orchid Inspired Look Makeup ~ LooxGiveaway

Hello ^^ did you know that looxperiments is hosting a giveaway contest that sponsored by If you want to know the rules about this contest, you can check it out HERE ( This contest is opened for Indonesian citizen :)

So, this is my entry :D Orchid Inspired Look Makeup <3
The products which i used for this look:

Aku agak pesimis bakalan bisa masuk 5 besar atau nggak.. XD secara peserta lain bagus2 *w* tapi ya tetap berharap aja deh ^^ moga2 bisa tembus :D *ngarep*

thanks for reading ^^

Peripera Wonder Kiss Gloss [review]

Hello ladiesssss \(^^)/ It's been a while >,<
Missed you guys :D sorry for my temporary hiatus due to my final thesis defense..
I just graduated from my university ^w^ yay!

Today I want to share a review about Wonder Kiss Gloss from Peripera :D
Since this is my first product from Peripera, I'm so excited to review it! ^^

Wonder Kiss Gloss: Make kissable lips with seductive new lip glosses. The glimmering, concentrated chewing formulas deliver beautiful shine and trendy color to lips. The water holding system helps to moisturize lips and stay color for hours.

look at the princess-like and girly package ^-^! 
mine is in number 18: Pretty Pink (프리티 핑크)

details :D look at the lace and flowery pattern on surface of the cap <3
18: Pretty Pink (프리티 핑크)
there are 20 colors of this lipgloss ^^
the applicator

swatch on my hand
after blended on my hand
swatch on my lips, can you recognize the color? sorry for the lighting >,<
since i don't like to apply too much gloss on my lips, 
i just applied it slightly and it has sheer shimmering color ^^
it has natural color and suitable for everyday \^^/
I got this product from MizzJC room ^^
UPDATE: 06/07/2015 Unfortunately MizzJC room doesn't operate anymore

What I love <3
+ sheer pretty colors
+ suitable for everyday
+ cute and pretty package
+ has 20 various of colors

What I hate </3
- little bit sticky (but it doesn't bother me ^^)
- staying power is so-so

Rating: 4/5

Repurchase? Yup :) in other colors

Thanks for reading ^^