Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Talika Skin Retouch [review]

Sorry for those who have waiting for this review! (-___-")
End of 2012, I received this product from Talika Indonesia because I won their giveaway. 
What is this? It's SKIN RETOUCH from Talika. Talika is a skincare brand from Paris. At first, this brand is quite unfamiliar to my ears. When Talika is officially available in Indonesia last year, they kindly let us tried some sample products of them. I have tried their Talika Instant Manicure for beautiful and healthy nails :D

And few months ago, I also got a chance to try this Talika Skin Retouch ^^
Curious about this product?
For simple explanation: Talika Skin Retouch is instant anti-age corrector. 
Huh? What's that? o.O

Netto: 30 ml | Tube Applicator

Over time, the face loses its smoothness. The skin does not reflect light evenly anymore. The skin starts to look dull, tired and greyish. Skin Retouch Face acts as an instant corrector of time by playing smartly with light. The skin looks immediately younger.

* Blurs fine lines and wrinkles
* Unifies and mattifies complexion
* Tightens pores

How does it works?
Streetch texture: smoothens skin by filling wrinkles, fine lines, porse and dehydrated lines, without clogging the skin. Mattifies and reduces shine.
Soft focus pigments: small pigments slip inside the wrinkles, fine lines and pores and the large ones cover imperfections on the surface to reflect light evenly. Through a brighter complexion, the face looks younger.

Directions for use:
1. Apply your usual skin care on cleansed skin
2. Apply SkinRetouch Face all over the face, smoothing, like a foundation, from the center of the face outwards.
3. How to use it in combination with make-up:
- Liquid foundations must be applied before SkinRetouch Face
- Powder must be applied on top of SkinRetouch Face.

For whom?
All who want an immediate solution for younger, smoother looking skin.

- Every morning with or without makeup
- Anytime during the day, as a corrector

Sounds promising? *___*
This product could do "wonder" on our skin, just like photo retouch in Photoshop!

 Can be used for Face - Hands - Neck
Brightening & Anti-aging fluid
* Smoothing effect
* Evens & brightens tone
* Fills fine lines

Apply to desired area, smoothing outwards from center. Let it dry completely before top it with powder.

descriptions in Bahasa Indonesia

Ingredients list & manufacture informations

It's simple, elegant, not bulky. It has unique applicator and easy to use :D
It dominated with white color and made in plastic material

Can you see the OFF & ON? You just need to twist the applicator into ON position to obtain the primer inside ^___^ And you should twist the applicator into OFF position to close the lid.

Squeeze it slowly, and you will see the soft primer starts to appear. Apply it with applicator directly onto your desired area (either face, neck or hand) and dab it slowly to blends well :) You only need pea size to cover small area on your face. 
In my case, I tend to use this instant-corrector to fills fine lines under my eye ()

Let's try it ;)
Can you see fine lines on my hands? I only applied pea size amount and blends it well. And taa-dahhh! The fine lines are less visible, looks smoother as it claims! 

The result when I applied it onto my under area.
On these photos, I only applied powder. The different is, I used SkinRetouch at second photo (*≧▽≦)οΎ‰
Awesome, isn't it??

Thank you Talika for this opportunity ^^ I can see the result clearly! 
Overall, I'm so satisfied with this product ;)

More information about SkinRetouch:
1. Skin Retouch suitable for oily skin, because it gives matte finish
2. Skin Retouch is kind of makeup base, can be replacement of foundation. This product is able to correct skin tone but can't gives coverage
3. DON'T USE any liquid foundation/BB cream after use Skin Retouch, because it can't be blended together
4. Apply Skin Retouch with middle finger or ring finger, one direction from inwards to outwards. NO RUBBING
5. SkinRetouch is a base makeup that has benefit as skincare, but can't replace skincare role.
6. SkinRetouch can't be used for anyone above 50 years old, to camouflage wrinkles on eye area, neck and smile lines.

What I love <3
+ It fills my fine lines well
+ Smoothens my skin
+ Evens my skin tone
+ A little goes a long way
+ Last long for around 4-6 in my face
+ Unique applicator

What I hate </3
- Only 30ml
- I can't see the left product inside
- Quite pricey (around IDR 200-300rb each)

Rating: 5/5
Repurchase? Yes :D

You can buy this Skin Retouch at:
Online transaction & consultation: email to talika@multiwangi.com

METRO Plaza Senayan, ph: 021-70253946
METRO Pondok Indah Mall: ph: 021-34712826
SOGO Kelapa Gading Mall: ph: 021-44731447
(update: 30/07/2013)

I hope that you find this review is helpful ^^
Until next time xx

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Schwarzkopf Freshlight Caramel Brown Foam Color [review]

I know, It's been an age since my last beauty-related post >_< Aaaahhh Sorry! I totally forgot to post this review. Last April I just re-touched my hair root used Fresh Light Caramel Brown Foam Color from Schwarzkopf. I retouched my hair root exactly a week before I went to Korea last May :)

Just in case you wonder how its result on my hair, please stay tune ^^
After my unpleasant experience using Schwarzkopf Fresh Light Melty Mocha Hair Color, I still give a try on this Coloring Foam. Hopefully it would be better than my previous one.

I bought this in Guardian Drug Store for around IDR 100rb if i'm not mistaken.

You may familiar with this kind of hair coloring. Many brands like Etude House, Liese, Palty etc have released this kind of foam hair coloring as well :)
It looks easy.. Let's try it by ourselves, shall we?

descriptions and directions in Bahasa Indonesia

descriptions and directions in Bahasa Indonesia

My last hair color was similar with the second illustration on this box

What I've got inside?
- Hair Color Cream (Agent 1)
- Developer (Agent 2)
- Nozzle
- Instruction Leaflet
- Gloves
- Treatment Conditioner

This was my messy colored hair

Can you see it? The gap between my roots and my colored hair XD

Let's start!
Pour the Agent 1 into the developer bottle

Shake it slowly for few minutes
(you can read the complete instructions on the leaflet)

And voila! You got the foam!! *excited*

Before start coloring session, you should use a shirt that you don't mind if it gonna be stained.

Finally it's done! Just wait for 30-40 minutes ;)

Are you ready to see the result?

The result is pretty good actually. The caramel brown color could be seen perfectly under sunlight. But the color is kinda look uneven with indoor light :| I don't know why.
And there are some area that uneven. Maybe I really need more practice. LOL

Photoshoot (June 2013), around 1 month afterwards.
My hair color is little bit uneven but still ok :p

My roots started to appear again x___x ahhh.. I really need to re-dye my hair into black color LOL

What I love <3
+ Easy to get
+ Simple and easy to use
+ Nice color
+ Still affordable (around IDR 100rb)
+ Not damaging my hair

What I hate </3
- Its ammonia odor is stronger than the regular hair coloring one
- Limited color range in drug store
- Little bit uneven result

Rating: 4/5

Repurchase? Still don't know. I want to try other hair coloring product :)

So, have you tried this Schwarzkopf Foam Hair Coloring? 
What do you think about this product? 

Thanks for reading, fellas ^^