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Lioele Aroma Soft Peeling Gel [review]

Hello lovelies~ Now I present to you.. another great product from Lioele ;)
This was product that I bought from Lioele Makeup Class last July.
Interested? ^^ 
It's called Aroma Soft Peeling Gel, comes with pink tube with flip flop cap :)
Actually I wasn't intended to buy any peeling product, since I have tried my Innisfree Wine Peeling Jelly Softener and satisfied with it. But, finally I bought this baby.. because I got IDR 50,000 voucher from Lioele class and I didn't want to discard it :P haha.
I could say that this product was attracted me most that at the moment ◕‿◕

This product controls dead cell and impurities of skin effectively by including natural cellulous which is organic peeling substance. It helps to speed up the skin turnover cycle to make your skin clean and healthy and also by including Vitamin A and E, it makes your skin soft.

Neutralizes odors and freshens
Adjustable long last air freshener
Biodegradable made with 97% natural ingredients

content: 120ml.
Price: IDR 130,000 or around $14

simple and attractive package.

I feel curious about it's ingredients, since there's no English ingredients list on the package, I decided to search it by myself.. but couldn't found it everywhere.. =_= hmmm..
Surely they should put ingredients list in English on the package next time >,<

let's try it, shall we? :)

the texture is creamy with soft micro-beads peeling gel, and no artificial coloring.

As you can see, the peeling gel works really well for exfoliating my skin (^▽^) 
I love this product! Gentle on my skin, cleanse my dead cell nicely and didn't cause me any irritation ;)
I tried out this product for my brother's rough skin and he loves it as well :D
Unfortunately for you whose a sensitive skin, you may beware with this product, due to its fragrance property. For me, the fragrance is not too strong, yet quite soft and pleasant :)

What I love <3
+ Works well to exfoliate dead cell
+ Affordable
+ Pleasant fragrance
+ Doesn't cause any irritation

What I hate </3
- There's no ingredients list in English >.<

Rating: 4.5 
(honestly I wanna give 5 points, but since I didn't know the ingredients, I only could give 4.5 points)

Repurchase? Yes ^^

What do you think? ;)
Thanks for reading ^^

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SeoulVivor [Book Review]

Today, i'd like to share something different :) not related with beauty, but still related with my last posts in Korea. Because this book only produced in Indonesia, I'll review it in Bahasa Indonesia ^^


Judul: SeoulVivor
Penulis: Lia Indra Andriana & Tatz
Genre: non-fiksi, travelbook
Tebal: 219 halaman (FULL COLOR)
Harga : Rp. 51.000,00
Terbit: November 2011

Fangirling sampai ke Korea? Kenapa enggak?!
  • Mau tahu rasanya nonton langsung Musical Theater yang dibintangi Kyuhyun Super Junior atau Music Show Inkigayo di studio SBS?
  • Penasaran, seperti apa sih lokasi syuting K-drama Dream High, Secret Garden, dan Beethoven Virus?
  • Di mana ya, tempat beli CD/DVD K-pop beserta merchandi selainnya yang paling oke di Seoul?
  • Tahu enggak sih, kalau di Everysing kita bisa photo box bareng artis SM Entertaintment?
  • Tunjuk tangan yuk, siapa yang penasaran dengan keadaan di dalam gedung JYP Entertainment?
  • Mau tahu rute ke toko pizza-nya Junsu JYJ, toko ice cream-nya Yoochun JYJ, atau toko kaca mata papanya Taeyeon SNSD?
Semuanya ada di SeoulVivor!
Membahas pengalaman dan info-info menarik—mulai dari persiapan, info destinasi wisata umum hingga ke hallyu spot atau lokasi-lokasi wisata khusus untuk para pecinta K-pop (K-popers).
Dilengkapi contoh rencana perjalanan selama delapan hari. So, enggak perlu khawatir bakal bingung mau ngapain sesampainya di Korea.
 Feel the spirit of K-popers! Happy travelling! ^__^

My quick review & experience:

Setelah aku memposting my trip to Korea report, banyak teman-teman dan pembaca yang bertanya kepadaku tentang banyak hal :) termasuk visa, di sana makan apa, gimana caranya bertahan hidup di sana dll.
Sejujurnya aku juga pertama-tamanya takut mau ke sana, apalagi ini termasuk perjalanan mandiri pertamaku (ke luar negri) bersama teman-teman. Biasanya aku cuma pergi sama keluarga aja sih. Jadi perjalanan kemarin itu cukup menegangkan tapi menyenangkan sekali \(´▽`)/

Jauh-jauh hari sebelum aku berangkat ke Korea, aku beli buku berjudul SeoulVivor ini, secara harganya cukup terjangkau (dengan full colornya) dan banyak informasi yang kudapat di buku ini ^^,

Boleh dibilang, buku ini recommended sekali untuk para fangirl k-pop artists :3 Siapa yang ngga mau mampir ke JYP ent., nonton SBS inkigayo, beli CD asli korea, beli kosmetik dengan harga yang jauh lebih murah dari di Indonesia dan masih banyak lagi? :D

Bisa dibilang korean wave / hallyu sekarang sudah sangat merajalela di mana-mana, dan tidak sedikit temanku yang awalnya tidak suka korea, sekarang jadi suka (efek Runningman :P) haha.

Penjelasan di buku Seoulvivor ini bisa dibilang cukup lengkap, dan banyak tips-tips yang bisa diperoleh di dalamnya :) Bila informasi kurang jelas, kita bahkan bisa tanya langsung ke  akun twitter lia indra adriana atau tatz. Aku bahkan membawa buku ini waktu travelling kemarin lho :p
Tapi sayang sungguh sayang tidak banyak tempat yang bisa kukunjungi karena harus pulang ke Indonesia lebih awal >.<;

what a weird expression -.- sorry for my tired face.. lol...

Sekian review singkat, dan padat dariku :) semoga membantu ya teman-teman ^_^

PS: bagi penggemar novel-novel Lia Indra Andriana, bisa gabung grup ini juga ;)

Until next time ^_^

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

[Trip To Korea] Day 4-6: Jeju Day Tour - NANTA - Sad Incident - Back to Indonesia

Annyeonghaseyo Jeju Island! 안녕하세요 제주도! \(´▽`)/
I woke up with fresh mind and body, and we were ready for Jeju Day Tour! 
In this post, I will show you bunch of photos and long report ;) Be prepared!
Read my previous posts: Part 1, Part 2

Day 4: Jeju Day Tour
Date: June 19th, 2012

This tour was provided by Yeha Guesthouse, I forgot the exact tariff for 1-Day Tour. When I checked on their website, it's written 79,000 원 with discount 10,000 원, so maybe I paid for 69,000 원 XD lol.
In this tour, we visited 6 place and got lunch as well.
We didn't need to pay for any ticket for any tourism place anymore ^^

1st Destination: Trick Art Museum

I still remember what the tour guide said about this museum, we went to Trick Art Museum not for enjoying painting purpose, but for have fun :p
Let's play with the paintings! (^▽^)

Me and Ine, my friend. Very interesting right? :D
I was pushing the lady while Ine caught her shoes.

Other photos ^-^

Hoop! xP

Egypt's stairway?

Me and my friends. Be careful! You might be fall down ( ̄∀ ̄) ㅋㅋㅋ

2nd Destination: Seongeup Folk Village 성읍리
time to see one of heritage in Jeju Island. Honestly I couldn't listen the tour guide's explanation well, because my ear couldn't completely caught his words ._.
Yeah, my listening skill was not that good, especially when the speaker was not a native and talked fast. (PS the tour guide spoke in English)

well, the village was so peaceful and there are some citizen who live there. 
They live by farming. More information about this village, you can read HERE :)

Took a pose with local dog at that village. 
I was too afraid to approached the dog because it's not tame enough ._. lol

group photo ^-^ Actually, total friends who travelling with me is 9 persons :)

the real black pork! :3 
those are the main ingredient of delicious grilled / fried black pork dish, lol.
Of course they're so stink -.- kkk

Lunch time! :3
we tried fried black pork :3 yumm!
Yummyyyy , but I still prefer grilled black pork XD

3rd Destination: Sunrise Peak 성산일출봉
Seongsan Ilchulbong, also called ‘Sunrise Peak’, is an archetypal tuff cone formed byhydrovolcanic eruptions upon a shallow seabed about 5 thousand years ago. Situated on the eastern seaboard of Jeju Island and said to resemble a gigantic ancient castle, this tuff cone is 182 meters high, has a preserved bowl-like crater and also displays diverse inner structures resulting from the sea cliff. These features are considered to be of geologic worth, providing information on eruptive and depositional processes of hydromagmatic volcanoes worldwide as well as past volcanic activity of Seongsan Ilchulbong itself.
(cr: wiki)

182 meters high.. can't you imagine it? We must walk and hike to the top, if we'd like to see the most beautiful scenery of Jeju Island *___* hmm

very beautiful meadow ^-^
Fortunately, the weather was nice and sunny. Perfect time to hiking!

Yes, this journey was so exhausting and the mountain was quite difficult to hike 
(if you have bad stamina like mine ._. huahaha)

the struggle has paid off!
We were on the top of hill ^___^
The scenery was not disappointed.. It was so BEAUTIFUL!

selca time :p

Phew~ it's so tiresome but worth it ^_^
If you visit Jeju someday, do not forget to visit Sunrise Peak ;)

Next destination~
selca in the bus

4th Destination: Haenyeo Museum 해녀박물관
Who's Haenyeo? 
Haenyeo refers to female divers who dive into the ocean water to gather various shellfish, seaweed, etc, without using any underwater diving equipment. When diving underwater, a haenyeo carries only a pair of goggles, a round ball-like tube to keep her balance, and a basket to put her collections in. Such women involved in the fishing industry are known to be scattered all around Jeju-do, Korea, Japan, and Russia. 

Jeju-do has established the Jeju Haenyeo Museum to introduce to the world the unique activities and culture of Jejudo’s haenyeo female divers. Exhibition Hall 1 is entitled “Haenyeo Diver’s Life” and has a restoration of a traditional haenyeo’s home, and her meals. Also on display, to show a more realistic view into their daily lives, are the various utensils used by female divers. (src: visitKorea)more info: wiki :)

Haenyeo's outfit and tools

Haenyeo Night School diorama

This museum might be boring for some people who doesn't interested with Korean heritage culture. Personally this museum was quite interesting for me :) I could see how far South Korea put concern about a noble work like Women Divers. And, it's really impressive!
I appreciate Women Divers job and gave my thumb up for them :)

photo zone in the museum

5th Destination: Unknown Beach
We took a glimpse of real Women Divers on the sea, 
too bad they're too far from us so I couldn't capture proper photos ._. 
Finally we just took poses for group photos here, lol.
But I couldn't remember the name of the beach >.< sorrryyyyyy 미안해요~

6th Destination: Lava Cave
Last destination of 1-Day Jeju Tour, more info read HERE.
again, We didn't take a lot photos inside. Because the lava cave was so friggin' chilly and dark ._. I almost couldn't see anything except our feet, lol.
Be careful with your footstep, because the ground was so slippery as well.
I thought that Lava Cave's little bit boring unless you have adventurous spirit >.< haha.

Jeju Day Tour was ended.. 
But we have booked Jeju Cooking NANTA theater show tickets for tonight (^▽^)
While waiting sunset, we strolled around the nearest local traditional market.

we tried some traditional snacks inside :9
Those are quite affordable, around 500-1500 원 each, or around IDR 4,500-13,500.
Hmmmm, nice snacks :9

Jeju Cooking NANTA theatre

yeah, finally we met Jeju Cooking Nanta theater hall! ^-^

nice mural :)

We booked the tix with the Yeha Tour guide's help. 
We bought VIP tix, which is 55,000 원 each.
We sat on the first row! XD Feel very special, lol.

the show has been started, but camera and video are forbidden x_x
We're not allowed to take any photo or record the show, so I just took few photos stealthily just for personal documentation purpose. Sorry >.<

Three of my friends were invited to went up to the stage during the performance, and gave contribution there XD ROFL. 
The show was so AMAZING! I must say that 55,000 원 (VIP seat) was worth it ^^
Yeah i know that's pricey x_x but it's recommended ^^

I also bought NANTA t-shirt ;D
Yeah, Cooking NANTA show was so fun and entertaining!

we're entertained by orange team that day, 고마워요 오렌지팀 ^^
what a nice performance!

We back to Yeha Guesthouse again..
This is our last night being here :)

in common guesthouse, we're allowed to leave any sign, message or anything into guest books :) That night, I left my message for Jeju Island (´⌣`ʃƪ)

haha, we planned to go to CheonJeyeon Waterfall tomorrow ;)
잘자요 Good night! Time to sleep :)

Day 5: Sad Incident
Date: June 20th, 2012

Today we'd back to Seoul, we planned to go to Cheonjeyeon Waterfall this morning.
Unfortunately we missed the 1st bus and we have to make a detour, the further way x_x

While waiting on the bus stop, I got incident.. TT___TT
I was so careless.. I lost my BlackBerry there.. *cried out*

Dunno why I was so careless that time.. I left it at Bus Stop and just realized 15 mins later..
It's too late.. my BlackBerry was gone, and when I would report it to the nearest police office, it's too late TT_TT
We have plan to go waterfall today, we didn't have enough time to search my phone..
I was.. regret it so much, shocked, depressed and couldn't did anything about it..

Okay.. I feel my soul just taken away.. Not because I really love my phone, but the more important thing is.. that phone was given by my sister and I feel so sorry for her.. T_T
and there are a lot of contacts and important documents inside..

I couldn't do anything except accepted the truth and following the next destination..
We took a bus and went to Cheonjeyeon Waterfall which is far away from our guesthouse.
We spent around 30-60 mins to been there and we still need to walk some kilometers because there's no taxi that day =_=
I heard they had strike for one day..

still have a long long long way to go..
very tiring and very hot.. The sun had optimal energy that day..haha

Thanks to Ferry who captured these photos :) I borrowed them ya, lol

the waterfall was beautiful, everywhere in Jeju are beautiful indeed!

Then, we back to Seoul afterwards..
We arrived at Seoul around 5 PM and decided to get dinner, since we're so tired and hungry,
We chosen random restaurant and the meals were not bad :)
this one is called spicy bulgogi if i'm not mistaken, as usual..
delicious :9 hahaha..

After took dinner, I and some of my friends strolled around Myeongdong to buy my friend's order and buy some souvenirs for my friend ^^

Though I still feel sad about my BB, I have to override that gloomy feeling.. because it's my last night before back to Indonesia, so I must grab cosmetics, stuffs as many as possible >,< lol

Day 6: Back to Indonesia
Date: June 21th, 2012

Unfortunately I had to back to Indonesia earlier than my other friends..
The reason was, I need to attend my graduation few days onward so I couldn't extended my trip >_<

Though I got sad incident in South Korea, I didn't regret my visitation to South Korea.
If I have opportunity, I really would love to go to South Korea again :)

There are sooooo many places I want to go and I enjoyed to communicate with Korean people ^___^ they're so friendly and helpful.
Very nice trip and experience :)
Just in case you want to see my Korea Haul, you may read HERE

Sorry for this very long post >w<
Hope this post is informative enough and hopefully you can enjoy this post.
Thanks for reading, everyone :)
See ya next time!