Saturday, August 4, 2012

July Haul :)

Hello lovely friends~ ^^ finally i can post something on my blog after struggling with my snail-connection-internet ._. Since i'm in my hometown, no more cheetah-connection-internet anymore.. T,T Oh i miss my boarding house's internet connection already.. lol

So, I hope this post is not too late =)
Here we are.. my July Haul ^^
2. Hadalabo Gokyujun Facial Wash
3. Double Eyelid Sticker (dunno what's the brand, it's written in Mandarin)

some of products were bought by my mom, so i could save more money xD lol

Freebies!! :3
giveaway prize from Sparkle Apple lens giveaway xD sponsored by MapleLens ^^
2. Clarins HydraQuench Cream-Melt (5ml)
3. L'Occitane Angelica Trial Kit

Just let me know which one do you want me to review first ^^
I'd like to make it as soon as possible :)

Thanks for reading :D


  1. Mau review wardah face powdernya dong :D
    Eh iya,itu kmu bikin banner nya pake apa say? Lucuuu.. >.<

  2. wah aku juga beli black eyelid sticker persis kayak gitu shel :D


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