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Holika Holika Magic Pole Mascara Waterproof [review]

Hello ladies~ (≧∇≦) 
how are you? Today i'd like to share my review about the Magic Pole Mascara Waterproof from Holika holika :)
홀리카홀리카 마술봉 마스카라 워터프루프
Actually I wanted to buy the purple Magic Pole Mascara, but the SA offered me the waterproof version.. and I finally I bought this baby.. ._.
I bought this on MyeongDong Area, in Seoul.. ◕‿◕
price: 10,900 원 or around IDR 98,100 around $10,9
content: 9ml

the non-waterproof version

 Product details:

Product Descriptions:
Dual mascara of Magic stick + Magic ball. 
Magic stick creates natural volume  
  Easily and simply removed by lukewarm water.
 Waterproof type
How to use? 
1. Apply it to all over your eyelashes with stick brush.
2. Apply to some difficult parts with ball brush.
Colors:No.1 Ultra Black/No.2 Mystic Purple

I just got shocked when I'm back to Indonesia.. I just realized that I grabbed the wrong color! (ノTДT)How come I grabbed the "02 mystic purple" color instead of ultra black color?   (T▽T) I just could blame myself.. phew..

PURPLE?? I just don't used to wear something unusual for my eye decorative tools ~_~
Okay lah~ after thinking so long finally I decided to try it. 
the packaging has hologram reflective, so pretty

*미온수 클렌징 (cleanse with lukewarm water)
*mystic purple
*magic curling

when I opened the packaging:

 close up
very pretty and elegant *w*
South Korea Cosmetic Company always know how to create any unique and cute packaging product XD


I'm too lazy to translate all of the instructions -.-"
I hope all of you can see the clear instruction through the pictures.. hopefully.. lol

A: magic ball
B: stick brush

say hello again to my bare face..
Sorry I was just too lazy to put any makeup on my face when I'm home :p
well, i think you can see my skin imperfections..

can you spot the difference?

Personally, I think the performance of this mascara is quite impressive =)
if you apply it side by side with slow motion, surely you are able to achieve natural curled lashes.
Hooray.. the purple color is not obvious XD

Don't be in rush, and don't apply it too much..
or your lash will be like this..
can you see the purple color?
(...and see my deep double eyelid ._. even more than 'double'.. lol)

can you see the difference? I didn't apply mascara on my left eyelash :)

Overall, I'm grateful that the purple color is not as obvious as I expected before.. \(´▽`)/
I quite like this unique concept mascara
This magic pole mascara could cover up and curls my lashes well ^-^
waterproof as its claimed, and it's also smudgeproof!
quite easy to remove and does a good job for my eyelashes :)

What I love <3
+ Unique concept mascara
+ Pretty and elegant packaging
+ Gives nice curling effect
+ Long-lasting
+ The applicator is flexible
+ Waterproof & smudgeproof
+ Quite easy to remove

What I hate </3
- It tends to clump when I apply it too much

Rating: 4.5/5

Repurchase? Yes, if i'm not tempted by other mascara XD

Btw look at this commercial photo from Holika holika -___-
CNBlue with magic pole mascara.. just feel weird -_-a lol

Have you tried this mascara?
Thanks for reading ^-^


  1. wow bagus ya hasilnya~ trus magic ballnya lucu ^^ hehehe

  2. wah hasilnya bagus ,ga ngegumpal ^O^

    1. iya ngga menggumpal ^^ asal ngga kebanyakan pakenya dan ga buru2..hehe

  3. wow, kemasannya lucu...magic ball nya juga unik tapi hasilnya keren :)

  4. Warnanya yaaaa.... suka bangettt >.<

  5. the brush looks pretty cool!
    great review :)

  6. wah coooll mascaranya


  7. magic ball! that's cool!
    Don't you worry dear, the color really suit you.. maybe you should do a "purple eyes tutorial" using this mascara..^^

    1. hahahaha thank you for your advice ^^ will try it next time!

  8. warna nya favorit ku bgt ^__^
    bentuk wand nya juga unik bgt >.< lucu
    bagus ya, tapi sayang ini tetep gak akan nolong eyelashes ku vee, karna uda tralu sangat teramat tipis bgt T__T

    1. iya unik yaa cie ^_^
      oiyaa? >< coba diapply barengan sama false lashes :D
      siapa tau cocok

  9. This masara looks so cool! : D Many kpop idol advertise for cosmetic now : D

  10. hahaha bs2nya km salah beli warna ya vee, untung ungunya ga gt kliatan :p

    1. iya nih konyol -..- wkwk..
      soalnya wkt itu cpt2an sih >< udh mau tutup soalnya hahaha

  11. aku juga suka banget sama maskara ini tapi makenya memang gag bole buru-buru.


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