Saturday, August 11, 2012

Etude House Skin Mal:gam Moist [review]

Yay for clear and healthy skin! (∩__∩)
Never skip toner in our skincare routine :D
Actually, I didn't even really care about toner before I have some research about the benefit of toner.. and start to ask myself.. WHY YOU ignored this best past after several years? X_X

Explanation about toner:

Toning is the best part of skin care, refreshing and soothing setting a clean canvas for other products.

The reason for using a skin care toner is to remove residue from dirt and even cleansers. Toners return the pH balance to skin, disinfect, and tighten pores. Toner helps remove dead skin cells and unclog pores. Choose a toner appropriate for the specific skin type dry and sensitive, oily, combination, or normal.

Whatever the skin type or product chosen, apply toner twice a day. In the morning and in the evening after cleansing, pat skin dry and apply toner with a cotton pad. Wipe in an outward direction until cotton comes up clean. Avoid eye area. Allow to dry completely before applying moisturizer or night cream. Toners are rather inexpensive and should be used liberally, when purchasing toner make sure to get an extra bottle.

Honestly this is my 1st toner after I realized how important role of toner is (^▽^)
Skin Mal:gam (Moist) from Etude House :)
Few years ago I ever tried a toner from local brand Viva, but I didn't really like it because it contain alcohol ._. and I stopped using any toner because I thought toner is not really important *slapped*
note: see my last vacation haul just in case you curious where I bought it :)

There are 5 variants from Skin Mal:gam range:
I chosen Moist because I think the Deep Moist's texture is too rich for my skin.
(I ever tried the Deep Moist tester, will post the comparison soon ^^)
My skin type is dry-normal and little bit oily on T-zone.

수분지수 (water index)
각질케어 (skin care (?)): 

맑음 [malgeum] - the korean word for cleaness, clarity and pureness.
Skin Malgeum hypoallergenic toners promote clean, clear and pure complexion with moisturizing and pore cleansing formulas.

alcohol-free, paraben-free, mineral oil-free 

how to use:
can be used as toner, eye mask, face mask and spray.

content: 250ml
plastic packaging with doff surface ^^

the texture is watery, easy to absorb into skin

 Can be used as eye mask ^^ I used regular cotton and tear it into 2 pieces, dispense few drops onto the cottons and put it on my eyes afterwards (≧∇≦) 
feel so refreshed and moist!

My final verdict.. Currently I'm so in love with this toner!! My skin's complexion is getting better and supple after used this toner ◕‿◕
This toner didn't cause any break out for my skin and I love the pleasant scent ^^ not too strong yet relaxing :)

What I love <3
+ Moisturizing my skin well
+ Do improvement for my skin's complexion
+ Paraben-free, alcohol-free, mineral oil-free
+ Quite affordable

What I hate </3
- nothing atm! ^^

Rating: 4.5/5

Repurchase? Yeah \(^∇^)/

Have you tried this skin malgeum?
Remember.. Don't skip toner for your skincare routine ^-^
See ya next time!


  1. yeahhh. tata jga mw coba ini tapi gajadi huhuhuu T__T

  2. aku beli yg warna pink (smoother) ce, tapi kok di aku jadi beruntusan ya? eh tapi masih belum tau seh ini wajahku breakout gara2 ini apa bukan ya *masih dlm proses penyelidikan* hiks ;A;

    1. wah kok bisa ya..
      mungkin km ada alergi sama fragrance la? o.o
      tp mungkin ada penyebab lain juga?

    2. klo buat muka yg sensitif .. biasa make deep moist ato moist ☺ @lalaa

  3. Ah, bagus jugs yah ga ada alkoholnya. Mesti dicoba nih. ∩__∩ thanks for the ingredients list picture!

    1. loh memang ingredientsnya beda ya sama yg essential, cie?
      you're welcome ^__^

    2. Yang Fresh, Smoother ama Deep Moist ada alkoholnya kalo ga salah inget. Aku udah beli yang Moist juga krn reviewmu~ ^_____^

    3. wuoh gt ya ce.. syukurlah aku beli yg moist.. ^__^ hehe
      wahh thanks ce.. hope you find its helpful~ ^^

  4. Replies
    1. aku lupa harganya.. kalo ga salah sekitar 80-100rb wkt aku bli di korea.. kalo di indo harganya sekitar 140rb :)

  5. Aaaa~ jadi pengen coba ini lagi.. kmrn" sempet pengen cobain ini tapi teralihkan oleh hada labo.. :p baca reviewmu jadi pengen coba ini... nice review btw.. <3

    1. haha aku pake toner skin malgeum sebelum pake lotionnya hadalabo ^^ bs di mix kok.
      thankyou :)

  6. masalah kita sama ce. pertama kali pakai dan sekaligus terakhir kali nya pake toner waktu jamannya SMP.
    waktu itu aku pake merk viva. Aku ngerasa ngak nyaman banget dan alasan lainnya adalah malas lol. setelah ketidaknyamanan itu sampai sekarang wajah aku gak pernah tersentuh toner *merasa bersalah*
    ( abis baca post ini, sepertinya aku harus mencoba pake toner lagi)


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