Saturday, August 27, 2016

Klairs Illuminating Supple BB Cream SPF40/PA++ [review]

Hi everyone! I'm coming back with another BB Cream review from Klairs! :D If you've ever felt frustrated with some Korean brands BB cream that cause grayish finish, you probably want to hear more about this product! :)

This product is called Illuminating Supple BB Cream from KLAIRS Korea and I got it from Wishtrend a while ago :D Happy to see new BB cream product to be added into my BB creams collection, but I was more than excited when knowing that a friend of mine (who aren't a beauty enthusiast nor blogger) said this BB cream is her favorite, it made me curious and excited at the same time! :D

Klairs Illuminating Supple BB Cream SPF40/PA++, Wishtrend Klairs Review, Wishtrend Klairs BB cream review

It comes in a puffed tube that contains 40 ml. It has convenient and travel-friendly size.
The tube itself won't deflate though you squeeze the BB cream out; some people maybe feel bit bothered with the tube but I'm ok with it :)

Thursday, August 25, 2016

GULACO Sumo Body Butter & 100% Unrefined Shea Butter [review]

Halo semuaaa.. Kembali lagi denganku, yang akan mengupas tentang produk homemade keluaran Gulaco. Aku udah beberapa kali dikasih kesempatan untuk cobain produk dari Gulaco (thank you so much!) dan aku yakin dengan kualitas dan higienitas dari produk mereka ^_^

Kali ini produk yang aku coba namanya SUMO (SUPER MOISTURE) BODY BUTTER dan 100% UNREFINED SHEA BUTTER. Sekilas dua-duanya kok mirip ya? Sama-sama body butter bukan sih? Bukannn.. sekilas mirip tapi ngga sama kok. Bisa dibilang mereka sodaraan lah; kakak adek :P Karena dirilis oleh Gulaco juga barengan. Jadi Sumo & 100% Unrefined Shea Butter ini jadinya saling melengkapi gitu ceritanya~

Produk-produk ini fresh dan langsung disegel setelah diproduksi ^_^ Sesuai yang kalian lihat, Sumo ini ukurannya 3-4 kali lipat dibandingkan 100% Shea Butter. Why? Nanti kalian juga akan tau ;) Keep reading!

Monday, August 8, 2016

COLD PRESS Detox Program [review] - Is it worth it?

Hi guys!! Today's post is little bit different with my usual posts, as I'm not coming with another cosmetic product review but a COLD-PRESSED JUICE. Yes, juices! Few weeks ago I got a chance to try Detox Program from Cold Press Indonesia. I was offered by Mr. E from Cold Press to try these cold-pressed juices. Thank you Cold Press! :)

Actually I never thought of trying any Detox program... Not because I'm underestimated the power of detox, but I simply thought that I would never can pass a day without eating. Yeah, if you see me in real life, you won't believe if I have such a big appetite. Even my boyfriend is still amazed by my ability XDD
He often proudly tell his friends over my ability to eat in enormous amount but still being so skinny. I also wonder myself LOL @_@ But of course always regard this ability as a God's grace 

Ahem, back to the topic. For my detox program, COLD PRESS INDONESIA initially recommended me to try 3 days detox program; but since I live in Surabaya, they suggested 2 DAYS PROGRAM to maintain the freshness of the cold-pressed juices. Cold Press Indonesia only produces cold-pressed juice with best quality of raw fruits. After being produced, the cold-pressed juices should be consumed in maximum 4 days. If you live outside Jakarta, they still can deliver your juices via cargo express service (they sent me the juices via Garuda Indonesia Cargo Service). But if you live in Jakarta, it's way easier to you to enjoy their products and service :D

If you dig more information in Cold Press ID's website, you'll find that the founders seriously designed those detox programs through in-depth research (as the founder also took Food Science & Nutrition degree herself) and they pursue to make healthy lifestyle as a habit. As the result, the fully nutritious Cold Press juices were produced carefully, as they stated in their website: "We aim to provide great tasting and fully nutritious juices to you. By using fresh produce with quality cold press juicers, we make sure that a bladeless process of crushing and pressing is utilized. This in turn will generate minimum heat, preserving the healthy enzymes and nutrients inside the fruits and vegetables, producing fresh tasty juices with the highest nutrient retention." (source:

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream [review]

Hello everyone! Following my previous review about Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, here I am reviewing their Moisturizing Cream :) I have been using this moisturizer for around 2 months and finally I managed to write this review!

Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream Review

As you probably know, Cetaphil's products are fragrance free, safe for sensitive skin and suitable moisturizer for chronic dry skin. Actually my skin type is combination, but when I skin got exposed too much by Air Conditioner or sun heat; it becomes really dry and rough. Meanwhile, I wish I have tried this product sooner before I went to Japan last March, because my skin became dried out during that winter time ╮(╯_╰")╭