Monday, September 28, 2015


Hello everyone! How's your week? I had one of the busiest weeks in 2015 ever! 
I'm glad everything just passed and I have more time to blog and film again ^.^ Anyway, if you've read my previous post, you should've known that I went to Jakarta for BBA Workshop and it was a great experience!

So, I back to Surabaya the next day and I got another challenge to do.. To be honest this video is so challenging for me, because of the deadline and other personal reasons :P However, hopefully you can enjoy this video as much as I filmed it!

sorry for my weird expressions LOL

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I made it! Beauty Bound Asia Semi Final Workshop in Jakarta

Hello everyone~~ if you have been following me on Instagram (@shelvihan), I think you should've known that I went to Jakarta last week, in order to attend Beauty Bound Asia Semi Final Workshop that held on Level II Foundry 8, SCBD. When I submitted my first video entry to Beauty Bound Asia, I didn't expect anything but later on my name was announced as one of their semifinalists! Due to hectic schedule, I was so restless at that moment, as I was torn between fly to Jakarta or not. But finally I decided to go Jakarta at the end ^.^

(left to right: Yessica, Tia, Gita, Me, Jean, Cynthian, Katherine, Devita, Cynthian's elder sister)
The decision to join the workshop was not so easy to made, I almost gave up but my mind said "Now or Never! Probably there's no next time. At least you have to try it, or you might regret it." 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Travel Story: Papuma Beach (Tanjung Papuma) - Jember, Indonesia

Halo semuaa~ kayaknya aku belum pernah ngeblog tentang objek pariwisata yang ada di Indonesia ya? Kebetulan bulan Juli tahun ini aku mengunjungi salah satu pantai yang cukup terkenal sebagai lokasi pre-wedding di Jawa Timur Indonesia :D Namanya adalah Tanjung Papuma, yang secara spesifik berlokasi di Jember.

Hello everyone~ It seems I never blog about tourism place in Indonesia beforehand, and I think this is a right moment to introduce about tourism place in Indonesia to my International readers :D This beach is called Papuma Beach (a.k.a Tanjung Papuma) specifically located in Jember, on East Java (Jawa Timur) province - Indonesia.

Jalan menuju Tanjung Papuma. Jalannya sih ngga susah untuk dilalui, dan sangat mudah diakses oleh mobil. Kami ngga menemukan masalah untuk menemukan rute menuju Tanjung Papuma, gunakan GPS dengan baik aja hehe. Tapi jalanannya lumayan berdebu karena masih banyak tanahnya. Jadi kalau kalian memutuskan untuk pergi ke Tanjung Papuma dengan mengendarai motor, harus siap-siap masker dan helm teropong :)

This is the road to Papuma Beach. The path is relatively accessibly by cars and we had no trouble in finding the right navigation to there. Just use GPS correctly and you'll find the way ^.^ Hmm FYI, since the path is so dusty, you should use mouth mask!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner [review]

Hello everyone~ I was going to Jakarta this weekend and I'm soooo excited!! I will update about event that I will be attending soon ^.^ But I guess some of you already knew what I mean. Hehe. Anyway, back to topic~
Few months ago I run out of liquid eyeliner and I had no choice but buy it at nearest mini market, and I stumbled upon a slim liquid liner that placed on the makeup rack. I looked for its review, and I ended up buying it because I read my good reviews about this liquid liner...

So, shall we take a look about this liquid liner?
I present you Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner review :)

Maybelline Hyper Glossy liquid liner review, maybelline liquid liner review, maybelline eyeliner review

This eyeliner comes with slim and pointy packaging, and dominated with black color. IMHO, nothing special about its packaging, and not so eye-catching. BUT, its bottle is so convenient to be inserted everywhere because its small size. Besides, this eyeliner also has long and steady applicator that makes application become easier ;)

Monday, September 14, 2015

NoTS 28 Remedy Aqua Brightening Peeling Gel [review]

Hello everyone! 안녕하세요! How's your day?
I'd like to share my current favorite peeling product that I got recently. I believe this is a right moment to introduce you a Korean cosmetic brand that might still sound unfamiliar in Indonesia :) Yes, the brand named NoTS. NoTS stands for Noble through Skin. As introduction, NoTS is a high-end cruelty-free brand that is quite popular in Korea; as their fame is started to grow outside Korea. For those of you who has concern with cosmetic products that involved animal abuse, you have to know more about this brand ^.^ Let me repeat, this brand is cruelty-free!

Product that I want to review today is NoTS 28 Remedy Aqua Brightening Peeling Gel
낫츠 28 레미디 아쿠아 브라이트닝 필링 젤

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This product is packed in tube packaging, along with flip-top lid. Dominated with light teal color for the tube, and silver color for the box. IMHO its packaging is quite nice, if only the descriptions on the box is more readable XD

Friday, September 11, 2015

F&B: First Love Patisserie Surabaya [review]

I know this patisserie is definitely not a new place in Surabaya; but believe or not, this was my first time visiting this patisserie :p Me and my BF isn't a couple who like to hang out on weekend, and we barely visit malls on Surabaya as well. We definitely only visit malls if there are something that we have something to do. Maybe that's why... trying brand new restaurant or cafe isn't something that become our priority (unless there's an "invitation" :p)

But last week when we happened to be in Ciputra World (to attend an exhibition), we managed to visit this First Love Patisserie that located on 3rd floor of Ciputra World ^_^

First Love Patisserie Review, First Love Surabaya, First Love Ciputra World, Best Mille Crepes in Surabaya, Mille Crepes terbaik di Surabaya, Review Mille Crepe enak

First Impression
This patisserie isn't too big, and they only provide 4 tables, 10 single sofas and a long couch. Despite this place is little bit cramped, this patisseries is definitely comfortable, warm and appealing. Every corner of this patisseries was decorated nicely :)

Saturday, September 5, 2015

LANEIGE Water Bank Essence [review]

Hello everyone! Sorry for lack of update last week x_x I was in a short break to revive my blogging mood and I was kinda frustrated due to pile of work in office (I watched "Yong Pal" to refresh my mind a bit. It's a good Korean drama! I just finished the Eps 8 :p anyone watch it too?). Finally I'm coming back with another skin care review for you guys!

This is my first time trying a moisturizer from Laneige. For someone who has normal-combination skin, I always try my best to maintain my skin moisture as I often work near Air Conditioner for more than 8 hours a day. So that I'm afraid my skin somehow will lose its natural moisture. Few weeks ago finally I got a chance to try this Laneige Water Bank Essence :D Let's jump into the real review!

Laneige skin care review, Laneige Water Bank Review, Laneige Water Bank Essence Review

As a premium cosmetic brand, Laneige always presents elegant and premium-look products' packaging. As you can see, this Water Bank series have beautiful and elegant packaging ^.^ Especially for the Water Bank Essence; it comes with water pump system that really useful, hygienic and easy to control the amount of essence. The Water Bank Essence is packed in sturdy glass bottle with clear sea blue as the main color.